Proof is in the Pudding, Chilled with Emery !

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  1. Told ya guys I did..but want proof :p

    marc and I.jpg


    really nice guy...very some points :p likes to talk alot lol
  2. haha nice dude
  3. Duuuuuude, that second picture is fuckin epic. I really want to meet him someday, i'll be living in Van next year.:D:bongin:
  4. Get up there soon man...he's a great guy and likes to travel across Canada...chances are he will be at the marijuana march this year again in toronto !
  5. I live on Van Island, I wonder if he ever comes over here:confused:
  6. i swear i've seen this picture elsewhere, unless he always does that peace pose.
  7. I thought that the guy in the picture was Smokentoke or Smokentoke420 on these forums... Something involving smoke. Glad I could narrow it down.
  8. no, if you look at this picture and a pic he posted of himself in another thread ( he has the same nose and eyebrow piercing marks.
    same dude.
    so OP you've chilled with the trailerpark boys?? are they any different from their characters in real life lol
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    edit...The only trailer park boy that I have chilled with is sam lascoe an lahey and randy....they act in character..I am trippen right now I will talk to you guys in abittttt


  10. i toked with rick steves(the travel guy with pbs) once it was awesome

    you should look up some of his pro marijuana speech's

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