Proof is dead

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  1. Damn man that sucks. He got shot right in the head. So did someone else and they lived, it didnt say who though.
  2. holy shit no way. dude thats horrible. he was really good.

    here goes some wars now, it better not be like pac and biggie all over again and ruin the rap industry
  3. Was never a big fan of D12, but it sure does suck when a guy with so much talent like that dies tragically.
  4. Goddamnit this is horrible news. He was one of the best ones from d12. Why couldn't it have been Bizarre?
  5. hahaha ohhh snap!
  6. bizarre may be disgusting, but he's still awesome
  7. I heard this story but the details keep changing. I thought bizarre was also hit aswell. That sucks though.

    FYI the character, Mekhai Pfeifer played in 8 mile is entirely based off of Proof. sad day.
  8. Yeah, i read that on news

    D12 used to be iight, wont be listenin now that proof's gone
  9. not a fan, but damn. RIP.

  10. He probably was. In that article iit said two people were shot in the head. And one lived.
    It never said who though. Damn Bizzares a lucky mother fucker if he got shot in the head and lived.

    EDIT: Did anyone here that on NEw Years Obie Trice was shot too, in the head also.
  11. D-12 Rapper Proof Shot And Killed, Bizarre Alive In Georgia
    By Nolan Strong
    Date: 4/11/2006 8:40 am

    D-12 member Proof was shot and killed in Detroit, Michigan this morning (April 11) at an after hours club on Eight Mile Road.

    Proof, born Deshaun Hotlon, was murdered at the Triple C club around 4:30 am and another man was seriously wounded, both with gunshots to the head.

    "We cannot give out names, or any specifics because of the investigation," Sgt. Omar Feliciano told "We are following our leads. But, one male [Proof], 32, was taken to Holy Cross hospital with a gun shot to the head. Another male, 35, was taken to Sain private transporation and he is in critical condition."

    Interscope represenatives also confirmed Bizarre was not involved in the incident.

    "Contrary to earlier rumors and reports, D-12 member Bizarre was not involved in the incident in Detroit last night," Interscope said. "He was at home in Atlanta, Georgia."

    Earlier reports stated that Bizarre had been shot or that police were seeking to question him, after an altercation took place in the club.

    One witness was being questioned by the police, who are still seeking suspects.

    Proof was signed to superstar rapper Eminem's Shady Records as a member of the platinum selling group, D-12.

    The group, which features members Eminem, Kon Artis, Proof, Swift , Bizarre and Kuniva, released their debut album Devil's Night in 2001. The group followed with D12 World in 2004, which produced the hit single "My Band."

    Proof followed with a solo album titled Searching for Jerry Garcia in 2005, released on his own label, Iron Fist Recordings.

    Proof was an influential figure on the Detroit rap scene, hosting legendary battles at the Hip Hop Shop.

    In the movie 8 Mile, Mekhi Phifer was chosen to embody Proof as the character "Future," while Proof starred in the movie as "Lil Tic."
  12. Well that answers that question. Thanks Wykid! ... or Chief Reefer.
  13. Figures that Bizarres is dirty south.
  14. R.I.P Proof. Heard something about it from some one this morning but didn't hear any thing eles about it so didn't think it was real.
  15. yea man its pritty sad but oh well thats life how come when my friend died he didnt get publicity like this.....i dont care if he was talented he was still a human being
  16. [captain obvious] Public figures get publicity. [/captain obvious]
  17. bizarre is a pussy, he started crying when they arrested him on punked.
  18. R.I.P. Proof.

    I'd break down if it was bizarre and he dies too, Bizarres the shit.
  19. damnnn that sucks PROOF was awsome!!!!!

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