Promix... Pros. and cons

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  1. I just used promix recently on 15 roma tomato plants that are going into my house garden ( imagine that I grow something thats legal in all 50 states) And it seemed almost perfect for pot. The only concern I would see someone having is not enough anchorage for the plant. But if you wer eto use a scrog meathod like I am planning to do then this should matter.

    Any suggestions from people with promix experience let me know.
  2. Pro Mix is just as teh name states. PRO.!!

    I use the HP over the BX because I like the perlite . Even Ph buffers tap water ( with no chlorine ) easy as shit to tell when plants need water because it gets light as hell. So from me its all pro's and no cons.:D
  3. Nice. any mold issues or problem with it not draining quick enough to prevent root rot?
  4. 20% fafard sea compost, 10% worm castings, 70% promix is amazing! i dont like it on its own in a non organic grow tho.
  5. Is there an organic alternative to promix?
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  7. Yeah... I was looking for a promix thats organic. See for me it comes down to two things in soil, aeration and drainage. Promix has both with a little extra perlite. The reason I havnt used promix in the past was because I was doing full sized plants and in a 5 gallon bag they would have had like no anchor to keep them standing. Now that I am doing scrog I am hoping to get into the promix game. Maybe ill do like a have promix half ffof combo.
    Oh and any northeastern folks

    Bay of Maine Soils... The fucking shit. There equivilent to FFOF is a lobster/blueberry composted organic soil. WAAAAAYYY better consistantcy IMPO and way cheaper a bag. My hydro shop charges me 22$ for a bag of ffof. where as I can go to my local feed store and pick up a bag of Bay of Maine for less than 5$.

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