Promix hp advice plz all I can get. First time growing on my own

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  1. Worked on a farm for 2 years now going solo I’m using general hydroponics flora series micro grow bloom with calimagic and unsulphured molasses. They are 12 day out of the dirt I’m growing 2 cbdiesel and 2 gelato both by crop king seeds. I have fed them twice now I’m thinking to give it just ph water next time?

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  2. Water till plant is big they add stuff to that soilesss soil mix i think anyway I have some now either way should be enough for plant to survive when it that small
    My seed from my own plants blue rhino only found a couple in a 1/4 lb
    Hoping it female but got lots of clones

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  3. This other guy on here said I better start feeding right away cus there’s no nutes in the soil. The leaves on my best one the first 2 true leaves started turning yellow at the tips then I started feeding and it seemed to make it grow quicker and there’s been no more yellowing on the new growth since so I don’t no ? I’m open to any advice. Thanks. I here gelato is tricky to grow. There feminized crop king seeds
  4. Yeah I’m not sure what I was using I had promix and sunshine mix 4 not labeled in bins lol one of em has added nutes for sure little balls that if u crush powder comes out
    As well I do a pre soak in nutes when I clone all my peat pucks have nutes after soak probly lasts awhile
  5. Also peat hold nutrient good I think I’m re using some soil mixing in new stuff probly has nutes left in it

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