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Promix and ph level

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Hkg13, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Do I have to adjust the ph when using promix,
    I hear and read no?
  2. yes promix right out the bag is like 4-5.5 range
    youll have to adjust it like all other soils
  3. Sooo confused,
    I was told and even read that u don't have to do a thing to promix bx,
    Just use water sitting out for 24 hours
  4. Add powdered dolomite lime. Easy and cheap

    Get the powdered/ground dolomite lime from Lowes. ~$5 for a 40#bag. In my area, Lowes is the only place that has the powdered/ground. You DO NOT want pellets or hydrated lime. Pellets are much too slow and hydrated is much too fast and hot.

    "I" use 1tbl/gallon of mix or 1cup/CuFt of mix. Best added to the mix before use, but can be top dressed and watered in.

    A 3.8 CuFt bale of ProMix expands out to ~7 CuFt, so a bit over 6 cups will be fine for a whole bale. If you do less, 1CuFt=~7.5 gallons. Best to add the lime to the dry mix and then wet it before planting.

  5. True, except your water source and nutes also play a role in the PH. Most people have no problem with promix, but you still need to adjust for ph. Some times it take awhile for the soil to balance.
    You can sample test your soil with your water source and check the ph of the runoff and make a decision as to adjusting the soil ph before you plant.
  6. Just pH your water/nutes to 5.8. Don't worry about the pH of your run off.
  7. Just did the 2 week flush, 6 gallons of ph 6 than 3g of ph 5 run off stayed at 7. How do I get this soil down to 6.5?
  8. >
    He's growing in Pro Mix which already contains dolomite lime. So, why tell him to buy some?

    Please respond responsibly. Before attempting to educate others, maybe you should first educate yourself, yeah? Giving a grower incorrect information can make the difference between having a successful grow or having an unsuccessful one.

  9. I have a question that I thought I might get an answer for in this thread. My water with all my nutes in it sits at around 4.5 PH sometimes 5ph, should I be using PH up to bring that up to around 6.5 before I water? I am using promix BX
  10. promix=soil so your gonna want to get that ph up. Might require you to water at a 7.5 to get the correct runoff. Just keep checking run off. Personally this is one of the main reasons i dont use soil anymore i much prefer to use a medium like coco which has 0 ph swings and no added nutes. Its more work but i enjoy it just a thought for your next grow.

    Also i wouldnt be afraid to add more lime if it comes to it. Lime works like a buffer keeping your ph around the 7 level if im correct? I have done alot of reading on lime and it does seem to work well but how much to use varys.

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