Promised Land Chocolate Milk

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. has anyone ever had Promised Land chocolate milk?

    now, i am a man who loves his chocolate milk and i've tried pretty much all of the brands. i live in nc and they sell it at harris teeter. it's organic milk and it's made from special cows in new jersey that produce higher protein in their milk.

    bottom line, it blows yoohoo and maola out of the fucking water. it's the closest thing to ambrosia humans will ever taste.
  2. I like making my own chocolate milk. Never was a fan of pre-made chocolate milk. Or single-serving bottles of milk in general.

  3. dude,
    i'm tellin you, this is regarded as the best chocolate milk on planet earth. it's so good, it makes nesquick taste like bill o reiley's diarrhea.
  4. you cant just make a thread like this without a warning

    promise land --followed by food--- chocolate milk


    orgasm in brain but with no avail. its like jerkin it but having no dick.

    *leaves empty handed
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  5. I like the old school milk + hershey's syrup style chocolate milk
  6. I just finished off my half gallon of Strawberry milk.

    Too sweetened, so I dilute it with a bit of skim.
  7. too bad they don't sell that here! I'm kinda picky when it comes to chocolate milk, most brands taste too salty for me. But there's nothing better than a nice glass of chocolate milk :smoking:
  8. the only kind of milk i ever drink is promised land because that's all my family buys. but i've never tried promised land chocolate milk.
    i'm definitely getting some ASAP.
  9. Oberweis makes a fuckin mean chocolate milk too man i dunno...

  10. Idc I'm bumping this thread, I got this the other day and it's like awesome. Idk what makes it taste so good. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1390933853.935040.jpg Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  11. didnt realize there were so many chocolate milk salesmen that smoke weed
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  12. Used to steal strawberry puree from wendys..The most legit strawberry milk it did makesent from underneath my balls
  13. Yoohoo isn't even milk, its chocolate water.
    Second, the best chocolate milk is dutch.
  14. Hersheys chocolate syrup and a thing of Vitamin D milk. That is all.

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