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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HighGuy14, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. I smoked a blunt dipped in promethazine the other night, probably one of the best highs i've reached. Whats your opinion?
  2. Man I'm front up north originally, and i never even heard of anyone fuckin with that shit up there, but damn down here in NC people be on that lean somethin serious. 1st dude i met down here was dippin his blunts in prometh, i gotta say it was better than i thought, but it wasnt nothin mind blowin it just left me stuck feelin all weird. Def makes the L burn slower tho
  3. i used to do that ALL the time and yes it is the shit! whether you sippin and smokin or dippin and smokin its all good.
  4. amen, blaze on
  5. i never heard of this shit, (im from Canada) what is it and is it bad for u?
  6. I say its fucking idiotic.

    Im used to the lean. I drank lean for a few weeks on the reg every year when it comes around. Usually late spring/early summer it tends to come around.

    But fuck dippin your blunt in it, Thas stupid. Drank the lean, And smoke the blunt.
  7. that's codeine right? i like tylenol 3's.. i had the cough syrup once but it wasn't enough to do anything it was like 1/4 of a medium sized bottle.
  8. Promethazine w/ Codeine VC. Very good stuff.

    Drank a fo' (four ounces) and then followed it up with two more ounces one night. Probably my last time mixing the potion with Sprite. I was literally stuck to my seat the whole night.
  9. 'Purple Syrup' is codiene and promthatezine cough syrup.
  10. gangsta
  11. promethazine is nothn cool really its just an antihistamine that is put in "lean" (codeine/hydrocodone syrup) to prevent stomach rejection. I really dont see much point in using promethazine alone recreationally, will just make you very groggy and drowsy, like a benadryl x2
  12. I try to get this everytime I'm sick. It don't use much to put on a blunt but I love drinking it.
  13. fuck.that.shit. just primo it
  14. You cant knock it til you try it I'm from tha city of syrup and we been doin that for years i been on it for about four years and its like a must for me when we have a smoke out i love sippin it and i love dippin it cause it really slows down tha blunt but u gotta be careful how much u do cause u might end up like DJ Screw cause when he died they found drank and weed in his system and thats wut killed him
  15. I wouldn't dip a blunt in it, but syrup + weed is probably my favorite combo of any drugs that exist.
  16. yea i love prometh:D
  17. Shut the fuck up.
  18. FORREAL!
  19. not to be rude but I think yall are mistaken, promethazine isnt "lean" lean is codeine of hydro codone syrup often accompanied with promethazine. I dunno personally dippn a blunt or something up never relaly does much for me besides make me spin a little.
  20. I usually dip nugs in it, let it dry kinda, and smoke it out of a bong.. idk about dipping blunts in it.. It's a fun high, though. Syrup and bud go together.

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