Promethazine Tab 12.5 MG ?????????

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  1. my stepmom has about 30 of these that she just got prescribed a few days ago for coughing really bad. i tried to read about these pills but i couldn't find anything online. i think these could be used for some sort of recreational use?

    anyone ever heard of these or have any info on em?

    Promethazine Tab 12.5 MG
  2. If there is any recreational value do a search on

    Probably shouldn't be stealing your mothers pills though.
  3. stepmom actually. i've tried erowid and searched the net and still couldn't find anything, thats why i posted here.

    and i hardly ever take her pills. shes prescribed klonopin, codoine and a number of muscle relaxers and anxiety pills but i could really care less about poppin em.. just this promethazine tab 12.5 mg caught my eye
  4. idk if this will work but if u said she had codoine i know that prometh with codoine will get u leanin
  5. Hella...
  6. Lil' Wayne once said:

    Promethazine; two cups im screwed up.

    Whatever two cups equates to in pill form. ha
  7. ive never tried promethazine but i know its an ingredient in some codeine cough syrups. i think its makes you drowzy and helps with the naseau.. not positive but i dont think it has much recreational value on its own. you'd be better off popping the klonopin or other pills you named
  8. Klonopin's where it's at.
  9. promethazine is just for nausea i does absolutely nothing prometh is just mixed with codiene b/c some ppl get bad stomach aches from it so there not rele worth anything.
  10. Nah that's different.

    That's a cough syrup containing promethazine and codeine together. A.k.a. Houston Lean juice... you use the syrup, styrofoam cup w/ ice, sprite, and a few jolly ranchers.
  11. if you really want some pills take the k-pins.
  12. drink straight codeine and you will feel good
    drink codeine and promethazine and you will be leanin

    so from what ive heard promethazine strengthens codeine, makes it easier to catch a nod and the combination fucks you up more
  13. true.

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