Promethazine question

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  1. I know all the effects of it but i was wondering if someone could please tell me a drug that has the closest effects to it so i can get a better understanding of what it's like
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    Prmethazine doesnt have any recreational value. The only thing it does is that it potentiates opiates.
  5. He didn't ask for dosage advice. Next time, try actually reading the post before making a comment
  6. From what ive heard it just kinda makes you drowsy, maybe a slight opiate like buzz.
  7. pretty sure its just an anti-histamine, doesnt do anything by itself, doesnt give an opiate like buzz at all

    mainly used to potinate opiates like codeine
  8. It does nothing, even in high dosages.
    I was prescribed it for chronic naseau and fainting spells, and it barely helped with that.

  9. Next time don't be a dick. I got this and another thread confused with each other.:rolleyes:

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