Promethazine and vikadin

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by viral disaster, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Hey guys i have a big bottle of Promethazine DM and i was wondering if it would work if i crushed up some vikadin into the prometh to make some lean? If it does work how much vikadin should i put into about 4 Ozs?
  2. Sorry bro but this isnt lean. Vicoden is hydrocodone. Lean is promethazine and codeine
  3. the prometh is a mild sedative and is meant to get rid of the opiate nausea. i would just pop some vikes and mix the prometh syrup with some sprite. if you're bent on making a deriative of real lean then do a CWE on the vicodins and mix some prometh syrup with some sprite and dump a dosage of the powder of however much you tak in pill form in the cup after you mix the sprite and prometh and you'll have a faulty version of lean
  4. i found 20 mgs woth of hyrdocodene in tussionex got me prettty effed up

    dont know about prometh tho althouh its the same shit

    id do a cwe on those vikes but hey its not me is it?
  5. If i drink some of the prometh by itself would i get any desireable effects?
  6. cold water extract the hydrocodne form the pills, mix it with the syrup and youve got lean on steroids

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