Prometh w/ Codeine

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by faze2, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. ok i found some prometh w/ codeine syrup (red) a couple ?

    1. its expired says 2/13/07 is it still safe to take?

    2. how much is safe to take?

    3. what does the red mean i know its a red liquid but is it any different than regular syrup?
  2. it is expired
  3. start with 2oz if youre new to opiates. if youre into opiates and have a somewhat tolerance then put a 4 (oz's) in a 20 oz (sprite remix or grape soda) and call it 24s. it dont matter if its expired nicca sip that shit.
  4. aight thanks
  5. enjoy that shit mayne i love lean. wish i could find it here.
  6. haha already started sippin yea i had it in my cabnet for a while i cant belive i didnt notice it
  7. so how many fluid oz's did you go with? an what kinda drank you make? i like 2oz to 8oz of sprite remix with a grape jolly rancher in that bitch.
  8. lol i did 4 oz with 20 oz of pepsi max haha
  9. is it working? i figured it wouldnt since it was expired
  10. sip that shit slow if you dont do opiates often that could make you lean too hard.
  11. yea im good im not rele new to pills and shit but i have never done syrup
  12. alright man enjoy. let us know how you feel when it fully hits.
  13. i actually like this alot better cuz opiates usually rape my stomach but i feel good as shit with this stuff
  14. yeah its cuz it doesnt have tylenol in it. you might get that from tylenol lots of opiates have apap (tylenol) in em.
  15. idk i had some percs a while back idk if they had apap in em but i do remember hearing that tossed around a few time and those didnt afffect my stomach at all
  16. percs have tylenol in em for the record
    and i hope ya enjoy gettin yo lean on
  17. yeah percs have apap in them

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