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Discussion in 'General' started by Krypto, Oct 6, 2003.

  1. Hey Blades and Bladetts,

    Theres a problem in my big group of friends. First I'll tell you about them all then I'll explain the problem=D..OKay well first of all, we have a pretty cool crew of friends, we all smoke and have been for about 5yrs now. The problem is, alot of them leave people out on fun activites. I always find myself having to talk to the person at home and lying and saying we arent doing anything when were really blazing....I hate it, I hate knowing that one of my friends is sitting bored out of his/her mind.....I've been in that situation many time where people will lie to you and you know they are but cant really say anything..They also talk about people behind their backs CONSTANTLY.....And I cant help but think they have about me, I dont think they have because I've never pissed any of them off....But I hate hearing them talk aobut othering people, it hurts to hear some of my friends say how cool I am when I've had to lie to them.....How should I go about saying to my friends basiclyy we need to stop lying to people and just tell them straight up....If you guys could relate to me or give any insight it'd be helpful...thanks
  2. people talk,its part of life,
    Just dont hang with them if it gets to you that much.
    And why do you make the call and lie,your just adding to the fire.
    The best thing you can do is not make the call and tell them.
    its better this way.
    Or you can hang with the kids that get left out, seeing how you care for them?
  3. It doesn't sound right and it obviously doesn't feel right to you. Go with your gut and do something about it. I suggest you start by talking to the people who are excluding the others. If that doesn't work fuck them off and hang around with the people who are being lied to- they obviously get on with you- saying you're "so cool" etc. and they sound a lot less shitty than the current bunch.
  4. Thanks a bunch for the insight....But the problem is, the people getting left out do the SAME EXACT thing, and that really pisses me off.....I plan on just saying next time "Look if you dont want them to chill with us then you tell them that"...The problem with our big group of friends is that EVERYONE thats everything so personally, and I hate it.....I'm just ranting sorry, I guess this is just a part of growing up..

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