Prom Night

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  1. Prom night...started off at this nice ass house for pictures and what ride to prom, did the dance thing...came back and hotboxed this kids car with some stuff he had. was told it was blue cheese but u never know. This shit got me REAL fucked up. The kid who's weed it was was gonna drive me and a friend to an after party, but i had a bad feeling about it since the car smelled and we had paraphenalia so i just followed them in my car.

    Turns out he gets pulled over on the way to a diner in a car reeking of weed. Gets off with a warning for a missing front liscence plate. i cant believe how lucky they are.
  2. good job with the ESP
  3. all i was thinking when they got pulled over was "God loves me"
  4. Haha, i bet man, Good you didn't get in some shit
  5. So did you get laid?
  6. Ill bet Vodoun was walking around and smelled that shit. He then snitched your friends out to the cops. thinking it was chill.
  7. Fuck prom.

    But atleast you got high (and lucky!)
  8. nah dude...didnt even get laid...:(
  9. [​IMG]
  10. ^Lol, freelz
  11. Didn't get laid?! On prom night!? Damn...well..atleast you didn't get pulled over right?

  12. 815 represent! lol

    but to OP sucks man shoulda got laid but not getting pulled over is a victory in itself :hello:
  13. everyone knows prom is the practice for the first time you get laid - if you get laid on prom night, you're a fuckin' dork

  14. No... You're a dork if you're a virgin going to prom
  15. damn look at all that beer

  16. amen to that
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    Prom is basically a symbol that represents all high school relationships in the most demeaning and clique way possible...

    Well, unless you get laid.
  18. haha thanks for making me feel better about myself guys...its whatever though, the girl i went with wasnt even a chick that i was real close with..just a senior friend (im a junior) and we didnt even get drunk let alone hang out at the after party. oh well, my friend that i went with didnt get any either so im not that pissed.

  19. Something is wrong here....
  20. thats what i think....

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