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Prolonged smoking problems...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Toke her Face, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. ive been smoking pretty much all daay every day for the last year or so and in the last few months ive noticed that i just dont get as high anymore is this normal? can anyone explain the reason why?
  2. it's completely normal. your weed is either worse than usual or, more likely, your tolerance has caught up with you. you have two options:

    1. get better weed
    2. take a tolerance break and don't smoke for 2-3 weeks
  3. dude its like you didnt even see the search option... :(
  4. why is this in seasoned tokers... seriously guys, forums are not THAT hard to post in.
  5. eh the smoking community isn't what it used to be

    your username just made me jam out

    sorry i had to lol

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  6. No we help.

    here let me explain, You build tolerance, Your brain has thc receptors so you smoke and the receptors are being loaded, I hope you don't smoke huge amounts like all the kids so nowadays because your receptors are just shut down...they can't take it anymore

    Too much of anything is bad. What you need to do is exercise 3 times a day, bike ride is the best because it moves your whole body and moves the toxins out
    not too hard for 30 mins, they kill carbs, wait 5 mins, bike ride again for 30 mins then that targets fats and toxins. Do this 3 times a day if possible

    Now you want to avoid fatty foods, cheese, junk food, soda, any sort of shit food that stays in your body because it will take longer from the thc to leave man....

    You should boil hot water and steam it - put your nose near it and just breathe the hot vapor it will go into your body and kill toxins

    Go to a steam room possibly if u have a gym membership, or just fucking jog around and sweat a lot.

    Drink water, ONLY WATER, no joice, no soda, nothing but pure bottle water, And drink a lot, you're gonna piss a lot but those are toxins leavin and your body is cleaning itself

    Get a dieurtic which makes you piss more and get rid of toxins, Exercise. Fruits are good.

    Avoid meat, Avoid any junk food, chocolate bars, any shit that will be hard for you to digest.

    Also do cart wheels to get yours blood moving back and forth so it can get disposed of easily

    And randomly move around like this guy

    after workout and take dieurtic

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  7. i`d like to add one of my personal "prolonged smoking problems"

    my short term memory is fucking SHOT!
    like really.. the good thing is i hardly ever forgot what i was thinking about fully, the fucked up part is i have to jog my memory for a good 30sec to a min jus to get the thought back

    and this is when im sober..

    o yea my armpits smell like dank sometimes too.. but i kinda like it:D
  8. my memory has never been effected not even 1 fucking bit, bro i just think you're possibly young or your not mentally developed for it

    But it's my opinion brah. i fucking do everything baked, but on sativa though, indica isn't my thing at all...I try and stay FARRRRRRRRRR awayy from indica, I CAN'T STANDA FUCKING HYBRID

    100% sativa for me only most of the time, indica well///unless i want to fall alseep
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    peace and love
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    Careful friend, that kind of talk doesn't fly here. I'd advice you swiftly edit that before a mod see's it.

    As for the OP, smoking bud everyday builds a huge tolerance to cannabis. When you're stoned all the time, your mind adjusts accordingly so that you only feel truly 'normal' after blazing. The only way to reduce your tolerance is to take a long break and flush the THC out of your system, which is far easier said than done when you've become accustomed to smoking daily.
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    name calling doesn't fly here /pawlywog
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    uncalled for /pawlywog

    Uncalled for how? His 'kill the white man' sig was extremely offensive and he WAS advertising.
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  15. Read the rules boy. That kinda shit doesn't fly here.
  16. i realize it does not , but you sir are the definition of a jackass.

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