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prolong the high? get higher?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by soursalts, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Other than making hash or an edible, how would you prolong a good high? Also what are simple ways to get higher?(besides smoking more) And how does a bong high compare in length( lasting) to other methods?
  2. Eating a mango an hour before you smoke is said to prolong and intensify your high. I've never tried it though.

    Gravity and Water bongs will get you ripped and quick, because of the amount of smoke you can take in at once

    Vapes. A bag from a volcano to yourself will probably have you laughing silly.
  3. i gotta get me some mangos!
  4. How significant are mangos though..
  5. never tried mangos, but a good .5 in my exteme Q gets me very wrecked or else the highest i have been was with firecrackers but those are edibles
  6. it may be the placebo effect fucking with my head... But I feel significantly higher drinking a mango smoothie containing 1 1/2 mangoes about 30 minutes prior to smoking.

  7. as you said it might be mind over matter but defenitivly going to try, beleiving that you are higher making you higher isnt a bad thing
  8. eating some mango an hour or so before smoking, and taking bites of mango while you're high actually does prolong it, for me, anyway. i like to make meals involving mango when i'm high. :)

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