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  1. [ame=]Teens Copycat 'Project X', Destroy $500,000 Home - YouTube[/ame]

    ^ kids are throwing these parties all over!
  2. Like a wise man once said:

    "Do not watch the television" (that includes most movies)
    Alan Watts
  3. Lol there's a party tomorrow called project k in my city
  4. That movie was fucking amazing couldnt stop laughing
  5. I knew shit like this was gonna happen as a result of morons watching that shitty movie.
  6. What a stupid movie.

    Yeah let's glamorize underage drinking Woooooo

    It's illegal for them to drink because no matter if you think you are or not if you're under 21 you're just not mature enough or responsible enough to handle alcohol. Fuck most 21 year olds aren't either.
  7. i disagree. the legal drinking age in Germany is 16 and they handle alcohol much better then here.
  8. People are posting shit about project x parties like every weekend on my facebook feed...its really pretty sad.
  9. [quote name='"virgin mary"']

    i disagree. the legal drinking age in Germany is 16 and they handle alcohol much better then here.[/quote]

    Eh maybe you're right

    I just know from my experience in America that were not taught that its ok to drink as long as you respect it. Were told from a very young age that alcohol is horrible and you should never drink. So kids wanting to rebel will go get smashed but not know how to handle it.

    I doubt that makes sense haha
  10. That movie was epic!!
  11. I analyzed the fuck out of that movie while in the shower last night. None of the main characters learned a thing, and the entire message was that it's ok to ruin your life in exchange for one great night as long as it was fun and you get the girl. Totally fucked up movie, really fits the current generation. Do it big, do it now, and don't give a shit. Not surprising news, tbh.

    That said, I enjoyed it. Wanted to get fucked up after.
  12. what a bunch of fucking morons.
  13. I think all you guys are hating because you were not invited to any of these partys.
  14. i think we're all hating because we've all been there and done that and made our share of mistakes along the way and don't want to see naive kids making the same mistakes.

    i used to think life was just going to massive parties and trying to tune bitches, and i lived like that for a good 8 years, but honestly it's pretty hollow. im much happier spending my saturdays with just a few buddies and a quiet couple of brews.
  15. Fucking idiots. People from my city are trying to do this.. made it a public event on facebook and openly talked about providing alcohol to minors.. ordering kegs.. etc.

    Aanmelden | Facebook

  16. fucking americans
  17. That was one of the first thoughts that crossed my head when I saw the previews for that movie.
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