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project resin

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sensimil, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. sometimes my one hitter needs some really hard core same sex cleaning

    if people name their posetions, what the deal with giving gender to cleaning? man, I had to fight the almighty RESIN tonight..project resin was in control, nothing else matters when resins got you by the airhole!!
  2. lol, a one hitter with gender, hope you cleaned her out real good
  3. mmm..

    things are looking good ;)
  4. man, gotta luv the slow burn of resin. specially when ur outta weed ;)_
  5. resin kicks aaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssss
  6. you know what gets to my mind...sitting sround thinking why dont i kick this rez?
    ... the answer im sure lies in the dephths of it lying in my head, beneath the facts that only a webcam can reveal
  7. well..the webcam reveals that means smoke it all.
  8. in this, my kind friend i will! LOL succeed! i am, on to project resin! :)

  9. you can have all of mine if you want......take it please...
  10. HURRAYYYY!!!
  11. i feel like a new me today!
  12. i smoked some resin last night, tastes like SHIT, blech
  13. so im assuming scooby doo snacked on you?
  14. rez bowls are heavenly
  15. hah, im down to smokin resin for like 2 days until i get a gram or two....

    i traded a mini-advil container of schwag for some phillys...about like 6 of em.. so yeh..i'll be good.

  16. ill be starting on project resin soon enough..... im smokin it on sunday and after that im on a break til the 29th when i leave for spring break
  17. hooray for resin

    i like putting resin in the bottom of my bowl, and shake on top of it...i figure its the best use for both of em.
  18. thats *exactly* what my fingas do. anywho, you did who in the what now? itll be ok soon for me. the shakes will be all tightened up
  19. who needs porn when sensi is around

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