Project M 3.5

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    I do on Dolphin. I still need to upgrade from 3.0.
    Trailer for people that don't know what we're talking about.
  2. I'm about to try it later. I had to go pick up some ganja.

    Gonna smoke and f*ck shit up with Link.

    Who do you use Vicious?
    Marth, Toon Link and Peach.
    I just started playing for the first time since melee or 10 years but fighting games are my primary genre. I was pretty amazed to see the AI wavedash considering it wasn't in Brawl.
    I'll have to see how everybody feels now to see who I'll pick up.
  4. I played lastnight. Ganondorf is cheap. His combo is super effective. He's deadly now.
  5. Marth is fun. The sword guys are great. I liked Ike in 3.0... they totally scrapped him. D:
  6. This fucking game

  7. You guys ever fuck with mugen, that shit that's got damn near every character worth having from different games and shows

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  8. Holy shit, this look awesome. I had no idea this existed. I'm definitely going to have to get this. Wow.
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    Its fun for something like saltybets but I'm not a fan of the engine or how the game feels. It's fun to fuck around on so I imagine people that actually import characters have a great time developing them.

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