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    The main question is, if it is possible or not with the problems i'm facing to be able construct a grow cabin. I have uploaded 3 photos:

    (1st pic)

    This photo is in my room, behind it is a cabin. The red line represents the length of cabin which i be using is 150 cm. The 2 black arrows represent the exhaust air and intake of air. This is actually meant for wine bottles it is about 29 cm long. I will drill to big holes from the back and the air will flow through 29cm (2nd pics is the back of it) . My first 2 problems are: Is it possible to have a pipe that curves around the corner to the red line with 2 fans that make little noise? Where would the fans be located?

    (2nd pic)

    The 2 black arrows represent the location of the holes. I also was wondering if it would be alright if i only had an intake of air (one fan taking in air) and rip the back of wine holder thingy (so i dont have to purchase 2 fans?

    (3rd pic)

    This is where the actual growing would happen. Base (ground) 104cm, wall 91cm, ceiling tilt 138cm. Length 150 cm. I'm planning 6 plants, what wattage hps lamp will i need? (250 watt hps?)
    What products will i need to kill the odor.

    Thx for all comments, suggestions and answers.

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