Prohibitionists Increase gap between 'Marijuana' and Hemp?

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    Before Prohibitionists invented the dirty word 'Marijuana' , bud was called either hemp flowers or cannabis tops or a variation of such.

    new 'industrial' hemp flowers do not get you high however,

    my FEAR is that prohibitionists will ultimately convince the sheeple that the heritage is not connected, and that 'marihuana' has always just been 'dope' for the 'stoners'

    When really, this plant, in its entirety, has been the key to our success as a species.

    .... wait, its already happening! :smoke:
  2. I believe the prohibitionists have much more of a vested interest in maintaining the prohibition on industrial hemp. While Big Pharma, Law Enforcement and Corrections have much to lose if marijuana were legalized, if hemp were legalized MANY more industries would have immediate and direct competition:

    Hemphasis ~ Unrivaled Hemp Information Site
    Hemp USA: Uses for Hemp
    The Many Uses of Hemp

    If someone can find me a list of all 50,000 documented uses for the hemp plant, I would be greatly appreciative.

  3. Granny probably has that
  4. Maybe the word "commandeered" would be more accurate than "invented":

    That being said I don't think there is anything to worry about regarding the names given to the cannabis plant. I don't believe that the U.S. will ever legalize hemp before it legalizes marijuana. And once marijuana is legalized at the federal level then domestic hemp cultivation and use will start almost immediately.
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    mexicans were smoking cannabis, US media called what they were smoking 'marihuana'. Prohibitionists labeled it 'marihuana' is my understanding.

    mexicans were not using this term, we just said they called it that to make it seem dirty, and to seperate it from Hemp and Cannabis
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  7. nope INVENTED or CREATED OUT OF THIN AIR are suitably accurate.

    the latin American term was always "sensimilla" or "mota"
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    Cannabis (drug) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Source = Shorter Oxford English Dictionary

    And more from my previous source:

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    Leonurus sibiricus (Marihuanilla)

    Prohibitionists derived the term "Marijuana" from a different plant that is indigenous to Mexico called "Marihuanilla"

    "Marijuana" is 0% authentic in its origin

    but as mentioned in a different thread, most people already know it as "Marijuana", so to not give that term any light, is counter-productive. Youve gotta call it "Marijuana" if you want to explain to people that "Marijuana" is a void word invented by prohibitionists lol

    there is alot of disinformation, the origin is smeared. TRUTH is its a dirty, racis word made up by anti-hemp folks.
  10. According to the link you provided:

    So prohibitionists derived the term "Marijuana" from "Marihuanilla". But the term "Marihuanilla" already means "Little Marijuana"?

    This appears to be a circular reference.

    I have provided at least two sources for the origin of the term "marijuana", including one full-blown academic paper devoted entirely to the origin of the term. Neither of the sources include the notion that the term was "INVENTED or CREATED OUT OF THIN AIR" by prohibitionists.

    If you have sources for your claims please post them so we can all read the information and decide for ourselves.
  11. Another source:

    The Emperor Wears No Clothes - Chapter 4

    Chapter 4 |
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    well ill be damned ocsurfer, i was wrong!

    followed your references and did a little more research to find "Marhuana" is indeed an obscure slang term used in the early 1900s by spanish speakers .

    i couldn't find when "Marihuanilla" was coined however, but it would be logical to assume "Marihuana" came first.. ? or maybe both were a part of the clusterfuck of disinformation on the subject in the early 1900s?

    some food for thought: Definition of "mare"

    :an evil preternatural being causing nightmares

    Origin of MARE: Middle English, from Old English; akin to Old High German maraincubus, Serbo-Croatian moranightmareFirst Known Use: before 12th century


  13. do you refer to the English term for rolled tobacco?
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