Prohibitionist gets PWNED!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by MileHighMofo, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. [ame=]YouTube - Truth - Debate on Regulation of Marijuana in the States.[/ame]

    Sorry if it has been posted but this guy got slammed :hello:
  2. Its only a matter of time. The other guy is an idiot.
  3. Prohibitionists always try to lump marijuana in a list like: "marijuana, cocaine, and heroine" and that really pisses me off.

    I'm glad that guy finally called him out by saying how weed is less addictive and less toxic than alcohol. Not enough people do that in these debates. It's been proven in many studies. And that guy even says that it has no medical value???? Come on, that's a straight up lie.

    Anyways, good video mile high. And it's only a matter of time. . .
  4. +rep man that was fucking great. About time these dumbass prohibitionists get their asses handed to them on national news. Thanks for sharing. I can imagine with the taxes this would bring in it would definately help to get us out of some of this mess we are in now. Hopefully they will finally come to their senses and just legalize it already. Man I'm just waiting for the day I can walk into a smokeshop and just purchase some high quality bud. Or grow outside without worrying about anyone seeing me.
  5. Thanks for the rep dude, yeah i thought the video was great it was the activist AND the whole news team against the one prohibitionist, wonderful
  6. Nice find.


  7. lol when someone is making such dumb arguments it is pretty hard to agree with that person. do the prohibitionists have any arguments that don't sound retarded?
  8. The prohibitionist guy looked like he missed his morning coffee, reminded me of droopy dog. "Oooh dear pwease doun't ownb, meee."

    He stated the social cost of alcohol problems in America, then stated that he isn't worried about the alcohol problem. Gee, I wonder who he's inn the ring for.
  9. That guy was a complete moron. He was given facts that proved legalization doesn't increase the demand for a drug, if anything, it decreases it, and he still tried to use that as a talking point in his last chance to speak.

    And what the hell was he saying that legalization means that 3 and 6 year olds can get it free of charge? Is that what legalization for tobacco and alcohol means?
  10. thanks alot for posting the video +rep
  11. i hate these debate formats; handfuls of talking heads chattering over one another for only a few minutes, news anchors that end up talking more than the people they interview, questions dont get answered fully because others are thrown out into the verbal battle dome before the previous are finished, no moderator. its a giant clusterfuck, but then again, thats american media.
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    Seriously, go fall on a sword and rid this world of your stupidity.

    How can that guy say that there is no medical benefit to marijuana? Talk to the people who use it for their ailments.
  13. I love how the anchors who are not educated fully in the subject managed to pick the dudes arugement apart piece by piece, just proves legalization = common sense
  14. I love when the woman-anchor said something along the lines of "your arguments sound reminiscent of prohibition era speeches" and he could only respond with "it does sound like that BUT...."

    It's only a matter of time until ignorance is swept away and marijuana is legalized :D
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    did he just say it has no medical benefit ?
  16. word! nice find. I enjoy watching prohibitionists get owned.
  17. as do i, this war on pot has gotten rediculous and every smart person out there knows its time to end it, since when has the american public asked to have something taxed and the goverment refused...c'mon

  18. From the beginning I was waiting for him to bring out the ole "what about the kids" jargon.
  19. yeah you can win just about any arugement with the "what about the kids" bs, scare tactics, blah
  20. The fellow sounds as if he either has a cold or is a heavy tobacco smoker. Now if he is a tobacco user he is the ultimate hypocrite. Tobacco is death on the installment plan.

    He was unable to form a rational argument for his point. If that's all the better he can do, he wouldn't stand a chance on a high school debate team.

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