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Prohibition was a bad thing, so what about weed?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Jul 31, 2002.

  1. Alright, today in summer school, we learned about the 20s and prohibition. Prohibition was a law made by protestants who wanted a virtuous america, yet it was a failure since the trafficing of liquor was widespread do to high demand and led to violence over liquor.

    Go about 80 years later, to present time and notice that the illegalization of marijuana is about the same thing, just on a smaller scale. The people most likely responsible for this was a minority, not a majority of those citizens that want a virtuous america and doesn't want stuff like liquor or weed to be around. Weed isn't as popular as alcohol though, which is why it isn't as bad as prohibition, yet there is still violence related to the drug from trafficing it. Same as in prohibition. Many ppl could care less about the law, and the same with prohibition. People relize it was taking away their freedom to please a group of uptight ppl, which is why they repealed prohibition. The same with weed, cept it's still not legal. Lastly, it costed every tax payer a lot of money to enfore prohibition, and when they relized it was all going down the drain, it was useless. Now tell me, we pay soo much f'n taxes for "the war on drugs" but more concerning the lil sweet plant named marijuana, which isn't bad at all, yet still enforcement is also low on this and there is basically little control on this substance making us tax payers lose money for a lost cause.

    Hit the facts congress! Weed is the safest out of the 3 mainstream drugs (cigarettes and alcohol), so why isn't this legal and not alcohol. Alcoholism is the biggest addiction in the US and hard to stop, but not weed.

    Oh well, just trying to relate the past with the present and show how the US government has still not learned from it's mistakes.
  2. uh..welcome to the truth?
  3. yeah, i totally agree...i have had the same thought before...i think as time progresses and more and more people are infected with the truth, the laws and mentality will change...i mean, think about time someone tells you they are anti-drug, tell the to tear up their cds and stop listening to music...because 90% of music is made/written or somehow connected with drugs..even calssical music, if you do your history...
  4. Can also talk about all the accidents, deaths, sicknesses, and incidents of abuse are traced to alcohol, while I haven't been witness to any "high crimes".

    All these arguments have been made before, with no response. Welcome to America :(
  5. the more and more people speak up, publicly about what they do...and the more people realize weed is not FUCKING BAD...lost my train of thought.anyway, weed will be decriminalized if anything in our lifetime...i guarantee it, personally...i will flog chickens with greasy monkey wrenches on the presidents desk ,while naked, if thats what it takes
  6. hehe i don't think you need to tell any of us that, try writing a letter to congress.
  7. Heres the truth, Congress isnt going to listen. Trust me I have tried many different congressmen and senators to comment on my beliefs. All of them were strongly opposed. And yes, they know all of the benefits of marijuana, but still they wont come eye to eye. Its a very sad thing, that we cant even have a choice.
  8. but telling a bunch of people who already smoke doesn't really help anything ether!

  9. I'm with Norm all the way!!!! We have had many doors opened lately and we all need to go with it. It can happen but it's going to take work!!!

    Of course, flogging chickens with greasy monkey wrenches on the presidents desk, while naked, sounds like work to me!!! You're so funny, Norm!!!

  10. true, oh so true. but ya know what, screw this, if it ain't legal in the US by 2005, im moving to Navada. We should start the "Great Marijuana Migration".
  11. im not talking about just writing congress, or commenting on forums, so on and so forth, im talking about a nationwide thing, we all blaze regardless..there is no way that everyone that blazes can be arrested...smoke in your front yard, get it out of a big box that says weed, walk around your house with a joint in your mouth, have an ice chest full of weed, my point is, alchohol isnt a big wahoo where i live, because around these parts a lot of people do it, very openly, without a second IS accepted,if more people were public about their marijuana use, it WOULD become more accepted because the number of people that use it are enormous, i feel that marijuana partially has a bad name because of most of the secret sessions that surround it, the sneakiness that its associated with. when non smokers begin to percieve it as mainstream, much like non drinkers percieve alchohol, the better off it will be.
  12. welcome to the real world xplicit.. everyone on top already knows this.. its just that the sad truth is that they DONT CARE. the only way this generation will see US decriminalization is if the old grumpy men in charge all die off somehow.. pretty depressing. however, i just try to remember that while these laws are in place, ultimately we are all free to do whatever the fuck we want.. being 'above the law' of the USA, especially when it comes to drug possesion and use, is incredibly easy.. here in vancouver its even easier. no matter what happens, we just need to remember the ultimate irrelevance of the our laws and keep our heads up.. after all, maybe someday we will be truly free to smoke up wherever and whenever we want..


  13. not the truth. not ALL members of congress are strongly opposed... in fact some of them are kind enough to reply w/ thanks for your concern, and opinions. besides, they want to get re-elected right? they listen to the public's opinions, that's their JOBS. if they ignore a large consensus, they are not doing their jobs, and they can get voted OUT of congress by the people, such as YOURSELF!

    so by sitting there going "it's not going to make a difference anyway" and NOT writing, you are NOT voicing your opinion. HOW MANY MARIJUANA ENTHUSIASTS DO THIS? one person might not "make a difference" in the general consensus, but a thousand might, 10 thousand might, and if all of them are sitting there thinking "what's the freaking point?" we'll NEVER win. there are thousands of smokers in the US, and RMJL is right: there are lots of doors open right now, we just have to haul ass through the door :D

    not writing your congressman about a national issue you are strongly disturbed/upset about is just like not voting: you don't get to complain if you didn't vote. and if you're preaching to God (i.e. complaining about legalization issues to a bunch of potheads), you're wasting your time & not productively helping the fight.
    SO what do you do?!?!
    ~Go to rallies, if you can afford to miss work.
    ~ Throw together some fliers w/ some positive hemp/marijuana related facts (medicinal benefits, etc), print 'em up at KINKO's, and go to concerts/beaches/malls & hand them out. Or, put it on your website. Literally spread the word.
    ~Write to your congresspersons & other public officials!!! They are "public SERVANTS" there to serve you. Even if they didn't read it, at least you made the effort, and you NEVER KNOW. Write 'em a FEW times. Everytime something comes up in the news, write them a new letter about it. Be articulate, use your spell/grammar check, research the issue & KNOW what you're talking about. Impress them with your intelligence & passion, ideas, organization, and, yes, politeness.

    ~vote actively, don't just "pick" either or... research the candidates in EVERY PUBLIC OFFICE you get to vote for and find out (if you can, some choose to decline a position on the issue) who is against/for marijuana legalization/decriminilization.

    Basically... BE HEARD. Or try your DAMNDEST. Marijuana's been the little stepchild in the closet of our country, begging to be let out and freed, and it's motivated people out there who are pushing the buck. In many states, the people have been HEARD by pushing their public officials to put medicinal marijuana on the ballot, and it has PASSED and sick people are living more comfortably, and some states are even considering decriminalizing marijuana to minor fines!!! This is not a lost battle!

    Society's view of marijuana has slackened a GREAT DEAL in the past 20, hell even past 5 years, and it's no longer the "Devil's Harvest" that made proper young girls go mad, running into the ocean and drown.

    We need to HELP our government get it's head out of it's respective ASS and get a move-on with legalization!

    If you've always wanted to write that letter, but hesitated, always wanted to spread the good word on marijuana, but doubted its effectiveness, just GO FOR IT.

    Oh yeah, NORM had some great ideas too. Be more public about your potsmoke. The more people get used to the fact that "normal" people are potheads too, the less negative of a response we will get. Join NORML, donate enough $, get that shirt and slap it on baby!!
  14. this info you've shared just goes to show that we need some new blood in the system. it's like all forms of govn't are so afraid to try new things, to improve on what's good and get rid of what's bad.

    here the town "govnt" has got the money, but the people still live with their entire extended families, in small houses. there are still no jobs, everybody's on welfare and drunk. this place is on the churchill river and the fishing is amazing. the tourists, fishers and boaters, have been flooding this place all summer. yet there aren't any tourist-y places in town - no crafts (this is a reserve and "crafts" are everywhere), no guides, no tours (the oldest anglican church in canada, i think, is just across the river). believe me, there are plenty of ideas in this town,, but the band keeps turning people down. so sad.

    sorry, just frustrated. back to it, alcohol bad, weed good. proibition makes no sense, and they're teaching you some interesting shit in summer school. lucky you. :D
  15. thanks ganjaphish for settin um straight, hehe.

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