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    This will help generate a list of known supporters in our Federal legislature,,as in Wolfe from VA and Grassely from IL I believe,(,correction welcome),,
    This info will be handy with elections warming up for the off year round of being able to remove some of them.
    Any that are against MMJ,Decrim/Legal or drug reform are our targets and removal of even a few will get the message across better than an email from a million constituents.
    As you check your states legislators please note when they face re-election.
    PS Sometime checking your legislators election funding can tell you where his vote will be even if his mouth is talking reform,,,,

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    Senator John Cornyn R Texas 
    Mr Cornyn has form letters reporting marijuana is schedule 1 and is on one of the committees in DC that keeps reform bills from reaching the floor.
    Senator Ted Cruz R
    No negative info on Cruz and has not established a voting/support pattern,TMK
    Mac Thornberry has  form letters supporting scheduling marijuana as a dangerous drug,,,to save the children,,however when you explain to him that removing it from criminals control will protect children better he vapor locks and never responds.
  3. 1st correction -- Senator Grassley is from Iowa.....
    In the anti-pot column you can put Congressman Peter Roskam  (R - Illinois 6th district)  
    the 4th most powerful member of the GOP in the House -- He has never answered a single email I've sent supporting MMJ or industrial hemp....
  4. Now THIS is constructive. I support this methodology 100%. Lets go get 'em people!

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