Progressive Yellowing of plants

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    Both of the plants are skunk X Haze. Both plants were under full spectrum CFL's (or so they claimed to be). They're in sta-green flower and vegetable planting mix, and have been fed Superthrive Plant Growth Hormone once weekly. The plants are about a month old, and about 3-6 inches from the lights. They haven't been fed any food lately
    as im pretty sure they havent depleted the food thats in the soil. Those pots are about 4 inches. No bugs. Room temp is 84ish. No idea what humidity is, just non-condensing for sure.
    Also, I have some Auto-Flowering AK-47's that have just not been sprouting and not growing for shit in rapid rooters. They seem to all not sprout, or just dwarf out and stop growing after 1 or 2 weeks. Anyone had any similar experiences, or experience at all with Auto Flowering strains? They grow about an inch, and then they put out a couple sets of leaves but the whole plant stays miniature. There is a fan in the room.
  2. Check soil pH. What are your watering habits like? Do you make sure it's good and dry at least a finger deep before watering again? Does the soil have an N-P-K rating? You have to be careful with prefertilized soil, I started out with it and it can be trouble, some more than others. Also, how much superthrive are you feeding them?

    Ah, google answered my question: .05-.03-.03. Time release, oh no!
    According to the Oregon Dept of Agriculture, there's nothing in this soil BUT N, P, and K. It might be time to start light feeding of something with all the micronutrients. As soon as they're ready, move them to bigger pots and better soil too, without time release chemical fertilizers. I think those soils are meant for planting in gardens, not pots. Never seems to work out.
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    wow man there lookin pretty unhealthy check your ph levels in your soil

    and does your plants have plenty of fresh air? and whats the temp like in the room your keeping them in? scratch that
    maybe 84 could rise way higher then that during the peak hours of the afternoon Try and figure out a way to keep them slightly cooler during the day when the temperature could go well above 90
    A/c on low setting or something maybe? well worth the investment
  4. Those look exactly like some plants I put in miracle gro potting soil when I ran out of soilless mix. They started growing all crazy just like that. After a while they started growing all twisted. At that point i took them out of the Miracle grow soil and they were fine.
  5. Looks like it could be Mg (magnesium) defecient. This can be fixed with a very low dose of epsom salts (magnesium sulfate: SO[SUB]4[/SUB]·7H[SUB]2[/SUB]O). Mg is required for photosynthesis and without that occuring your plants will not produce cholrophyll....i.e. they turn yellow. If your serious about growing I reccomend all growers take a general biology and general chemistry class at a local J.C.

    Don't use pre-fert soil.....some of it contains sewer sludge (aka human shit). I like to use a 50/50 blend of perlite and coco pith (cocunut shells ground up)....this is very good medium for NOOBS as it is Ph balanced, fungus/mold resistant (if not fungus/mold proof). It dries out super fast as it is very light which also allows for super fast root growth. And if you F- up and burn them w/ ferts (or when you swithch form veg to bloom) you can flush the soil very easily.

    This medium is called "hydro-organic" as it contains zero nutrients or soil. It was cheaper than quality soil (fox farms) or grow pebbles, and almost all hydro stores carry coco pith and perlite.......:wave:

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