Progressive Insurance's Peter Lewis on Marijuana Laws "Change Is Inevitable"

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  1. Now, some Democratic strategists say marijuana legalization could do the same for their party. Should they move forward in 2012, they likely would have the backing of liberal philanthropist Peter Lewis, chairman of Progressive Insurance Cos.
    Mr. Lewis said through a spokesman that changing marijuana laws is "emerging as one of the leading national issues in the coming years.…Change is inevitable and my priority is to make that change positive."

    Democrats Look to Cultivate Pot Vote in 2012 -

    With hugely influential insurance heads giving their support of marijuana legalization, this shows a great sign. Also looks to the future of insurance policies based for people who responsibly use marijuana.

  2. I am a proud Progressive Insurance customer for just this reason. It's not always the cheapest, though it often is. Customer service is great. It's a hell of a lot harder to get cancelled than it is with primary competitors. Highly recommended.
  3. At the end of the article it says that 49% of likely voters support prop 19 and 42% oppose. Is prop 19 going to be on the ballot? If it is, we may see a very interesting election in 2012.
  4. *Changing marijuana laws.*

    Is this the same as legalization for the masses? Perhaps not.

    Any statement that open-ended through an unnamed "spokesperson" doesn't exactly cut the mustard.

    Barry said the drug war was an "utter failure" too. Remember? ;)
  5. It seems kind of odd to be reading this the day after the feds say they're going to play hardball with Cali's dispensaries. I think the Obama team just made a major strategical error.

  6. Very true. Still, we'll take whatever we can get.
  7. Hmmm. Almost makes me want to keep Progressive; they are in fact the cheapest for me.

    Too bad their service is shit. They keep reportedly telling the DMV that I have no insurance, despite taking my regular payments. Then I called about the problem, and they claimed there was nothing they could do; I had to go to the DMV. After several hours at the DMV, my number was finally called. They gave me a piece of paper and said, "Here, your insurance company needs to send verification of insurance to this fax number. Only they can fix this" :mad:
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    Did you move? Progressive policy, when you move, you terminate your policy and start a fresh one. This happened to me when I moved and didn't update my policy. My fault entirely. Took a total of 7 minutes to fix, over the phone. Log on and digitally sign to make official. Sweet system really.

    I've never had an issue with service, even in bad accidents. They've been friggin awesome to me. Don't ever rate them based on interaction through the DMV.... DMVs always suck filthy ass.

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