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  1. I don't know if any of you feel the same way, but I'm real happy it's October.. just about 3-4 more weeks til these babies come down.. They're pushin it out man.. I can't wait for the sun to come up! ehehehe....SHINE SUN.. SHINE! The first pics are super silver haze's and the last two are the lavender's....

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  2. Great looking buds- looks like a killer harvest too!
  3. hell yea, great buds irie. nice harvest :hello:
  4. Holy shit that is alot of plants!! Have you had this setup going before? How much are you expecting to get? How much sunlight do they get being that close to the house? Looks really nice by the way.
  5. nice

    dude i see thats like ur back the neighbors smell or see it?

    are u worried about helicopters flying over??

    do you just plant them in the ground and let them do their own thing

    Word up thanks for the info if you are able to reply man

    I am really looking forward to hear what you have to say, thanks so much
  6. eze, no I haven't had this here before.. this is my first year.. I am an indoor grower.. so it's kinda new to me..

    greebee, Ya my neighbor steve has seen them.. and you can see them through the fence so his landlord has seen them too I was watering the other day and they were both out there with this appraiser lady and the landlord asked the appraiser, " so does the fact that my neighbor has a marijuana garden right there make my value go up or down?" To which she said " personal property doesn't have any affect on your value." They laughed and said some more. But ya, to answer the question, he's seen it.. and knows about it, ehehhe.. He saw them when they were wee little tots around june..

    And Helicopters fly around all the time it doesn't matter this is mendocino county and they are looking for people that are growing like 250 plants out on the side of a mountain.. It's legal to grow medicinal marijuana here up to 25 plants per prescription.. :) The sherriff could go back there and count them and see my script if he likes.. :)
  7. about the weight ...I don't know man.. I am an indoor grower like I said so estimating this outdoor thing.. I just don't know.. maybe like 10 pounds.. maybe 9.. We'll see in like 4 weeks.,
  8. And by the way eze, they get sun from like 9 - 5 .. it just so happens the house sits east to west along with the suns route.. :)

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