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  1. hers how things have been growing....

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  2. few more. and i guess i got some males, but i dont really bother anymore. i started with 17 and i tihkn im down to 11 cause i pulled 6 males, i dont feel like pulling anything else.ill just see hwat happens

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  3. NOOO!! Do not just leave males out there man!! Why would you do that? Ruin your whole crop this year because you left a male that you knew existed, doesn't make any sense to me man!!! Don't be a fool!

    Your plants also look as though during their life some time they were not recieving enough light. They look stretched out. This might cause an extremely low yeild by the looks of things.
  4. leaving one male out there for one day its pollen sacs open will depreciate the value of you bud by 60% at least. malesw produce no thc at all. thc is used on the fem flowers to catch pollen because its sticky. males have no flowers, and therefor no thc.


    and your spot doesnt seem to have much lighting at all, which is the cause for that stretch. next year plant somewhere mo betta, although theyre pretty big so theyll still yeild a good amount maybe 8 oz off all of them
  5. revise

    3 oz
  6. do only males roduce seed pollen sacs or can a fertalized female get seed sacs aswell?
  7. males are the only ones who will produce pollen sacks unless yo have a female who goes hermi (as in it develops male flowers and female ones on the same plant). kill the males or else they will rape your females and you'll end up with a bunch of seedy schwag, and honestly, who wants that? Imean i grow because all i can get around here is shit schwag, and i dont want to grow more of that.i dunno about you, but i want dank, seedless nugs. peace, good luck
  8. should i also kill hermis?
  9. id replant the hermies somewhere else and let them grow, then keep all those seeds!
  10. u cud just be very vigilant with hermies and watch them better than a hawk, plucking out anysacks that aint feminine. but u gotta be pretty vigilant to get em all. missing a few wont ruin your whole crop or anything as absurdly horrific as that though.

    with the males, you could leave em in and let the whole lot go to seed. or, seperate it, keep it growing and collect some of the pollen to seed just a branch or two. saves you millions of cash on seeds, and gets you an interest in breeding. ;)

    ps.... is your name a hommage to me? lol
  11. i dont know what you mean but i use alot of forums so i use the same one for all. im pretty sure my hermis or males have had a chance to spread some pollen already soooo im jsut gonna see what happens. thanks.i got a small budding female which i gues i should move far away. its the only one in a pot.
  12. seeds from a hermie will germinate hermies. peace, e :smoking:
  13. i got some shots of one female thats started budding and what i guess is a hermi that i just replanted.looks like it didnt take it really well. i have a few more plants though. some keep growing over the fence, whats the best solution to stop that. so ifar i tie them for a day or 2 but they keep on growing.

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  14. just keeptying them down and the should stop going up when the buds really start filling out but if theres neighbors on ther other side of that fence id be careful of the smell man i grow in my backyard with 50 feet of bushes between my plants and the road and i casn smell em when i drive by

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