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  1. Hey everyone. Just checking in. This plant has been in soil for 8 days now and I'm just wondering how you guys think it looks? The leaves are a little droopy. Im pretty sure I overwatered them all ( still trying to figure out the whole watering schedule) This is my first grow and im not sure how long each stage takes yet. Does this look about right for 8 days? It's a northern lights crossed with NYC diesel. I currently have it under a 300 watt full spectrum led. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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  2. looks OK man...soil looks dry that fox farm soil?


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  3. No it's a miracle grow organic soil. It is a little dry. I've been cautions with the water because I have 6 more random bag seedlings and I over watered them and a couple aren't doing so great. I will be watering shortly though. Are the leaves dropping like that ok? Thanks for the reply!
  4. I'd change out the mg soil from everything I have read it's going to end up destroying your plant i have a plant in hydro and one in soil in fox farm soil
  5. Yea I've read that. Of course it was after I planted them. So I'm just going to let it run its course since it's mostly for a trial run to learn before I use good seeds. I think a few of the bag seeds are too far gone already from overwatering, but I guess I've learned that lesson...
  6. I see there's a few options with the fox farm. Which would you recommend? If things don't get better I might just germinate some more of the good seeds. Some of the seed shells on the bag seeds didn't come off for a few days after the plant was a couple inches tall ( i sprouted them under a less powerful light that I'm pretty sure wasn't close enough so they stretched fast). So basically my first try at seedlings hasn't gone all that smoothly lol.
  7. Fox farm or happy frog soil miracle grow will kill ur plants and have a lot of deficiencies

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  8. Here's a few more pics of all the seedlings. I know they all don't look great but again I think it's mostly due to early overwatering and the light being too far away when they sprouted. I only plan on keeping two to flower( only one is a feminized northern lights cross and the others are random bag seeds that could be either male or female)the northern lights has been in soil 8 days and the rest 10 days. One has bad curling and the others seem stretched. But I think I fixed the stretching and overwatering issues. What does everyone think? Thanks!

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  9. Don't know leds recommended distance but by the stretch I'd say was too far. But a stretch at this stage is nothing to think about as you can just bury what you want when you transplant.

    Some of the leaves look funky but that's most probely the Miricle grow, idk!

    When watering in the solo cup, the way I did it (my first time too)was have two spare ones with soil. One never touched water so I knew How much just the soil weighed in the cup. And the other I watered along with the plants. So a few days later pick the plant up with the empty soil cup and compare weights. Also with the spare cup you water along with the plants, I stick my finger in see how far down its dried. After 4/5 weeks as people will tell you just by lifting them you can start to feel if there's moisture in by the weight.
    But now I have the scrip it's harder again, but I'm starting to be able to tell when they look thirsty, because as they get bigger they need more and more frequent.

    Good luck!
  10. Thanks for the reply! Yea I looked all over the place for guidelines on led distances but couldn't find anything for sprouting. I started them under a 40 watt led for sprouting and had the light about 8 inches above them. I know that's a lot higher than say t5s but I've read leds should be higher because of the light concentration.

    Some of the leaves are definitely messed up. I don't know what to do about it. Probably gonna lose some of them. Which is ok cause I only wanna keep two females to flower. Do you think the soil could have that much of a negative affect?
  11. Yeah cfls t5s close, leds,mh,hps further.
    I have 600w hps, the guidelines state 14-25 inches and as was my first two i didn't think was for later stages. So I started at a couple of feet and lowered an inch every day, I caught it very earley but I did get light burn. I moved to 35" for a good few weeks then Started lowering it till about 20. And that's where I left it, see how the plant grows Into it and then see how close I can get it once the stretch has finished.

    And I'm only 3 months into this myself, I only say that about the solid because everything else you got going on seemes legit. You ain't useing any nutes are you?
    Literally every time you see a post on it it gets shut down, says never use, I think it has too much shit innit for what you need.

    Why I thought of it if you haven't already head on over to the site and you'll learn a lot. It's the best resource I've found for sure, I read though it multiple times before I even bought any equipment.
  12. I'm not using any nutrients yet. I've read that grow weed easy a couple times too. That's where I started. As far as the leaves it may be getting too hot at times. It's been 85 in the tent at times but I didn't have a he exhaust fan going all day either. Didn't think I would need it for seedlings but I'm sure I was wrong with that too. Thanks for all the info I do appreciate it. I'll keep doing updates. I may have to thin the heard earlier than expected but I wanted a bunch till I could sex them and keep the two best females but some don't seem like they'll make it that long...
  13. Also, Now that the 300 watt is in there I have it around 28 inches above them. I have another 300 full spectrum I'm gonna put in once they're bigger
  14. Yeah that's the problem with bag seed, got to invest so much time into something that has a 50% chance of being beyond useless.
    I don't think 85 is too much, it being summer mine usually sits around 29/30 which I think is 85. I'm praying it don't effect flower too much, I've read you want under 26c for flower but until it starts getting cooler that will be impossible for me the most part.
  15. Yea it's hard for me to control the temp. I can't put an ax in the room with my tent because it only has a small window and those portable ac units are just too expensive considering what I've already invest in the past couple weeks. But I have had the exhaust fan going all day today for the first time and it's only 75 in the tent which is considerably cooler but the humidity went up to 65%. It's been around 50% until today so I hope that doesn't become a new problem

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