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  1. Y plants are 4 weeks old bn under the hid for 1 week. 1st grow so I'm wondering how theyre doing.
  2. Grammar man I can't understand ya, and there aren't any pictures
  3. I'm sorry been up a few days. But in short plants have been growing for 4 weeks. Been under the 1000 watt HID for one of those weeks. Sorry I even forgot to attach the pics. But basically I just wanted to know that I'm on the right track.


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  4. Haha it's all good.

    I'd transplant soon and stake em up. The stems look a little weak, do you have air flow on them?
  5. There in a 7x7x7 room with one 8 in exhaust fan and one 8 in intake. Is the size of the room ok for what I'm doing?
  6. Two plants? I'm growing two in a 2'x3'x5.25'. If your asking if you have enough room, definitely.
  7. I was pretty sure becuz the plan was to put 5 in there but three died. I made the mistake of using miracle grow. Any suggestion of soil I can get in the gardening department? Or even a mixture that I can get the ingredients in a gardening dept?
  8. Peat moss/perlite/earth worm castings/alfalfa meal for the next transplant. I recommend a 3gal pot.

    Or foxfarms ocean forest or roots organic.
  9. agreed with BYO^^^

    also when you transplant....try to bury alot of that skinny stem.....

    It will help your plant in the long run when it gets bigger and gets some weight on it
  10. I'll try to find the ingredients to the first mixture out here in Texas I can't get any of that other stuff unless I order it online no hydro stores period
  11. Did you try google maps? Just google hydro shop and (your area code)

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