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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MoW, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. Here's a shot of the sex chance plant. In the last two days it has sprouted Buds all over the plant that appear to certainly have the fuzzy hairs of a female.
    I will continue totake a shout every 2-3 days to see what it does.
    It shot up about 6 " in thetwo days and theother plants in this grow area have joined the growth spurt.
    I have removed the olive looking PODS and dippedthem in root hormone to see if they come alive.
    Soon I'll have 2 more of the same strain moved into flowering.

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  2. That`s a female.I don`t believe how far the plant has stretched between nodes.How far above the plant do you have the lights?
  3. That is some kick-ass mylar on the walls. Of course I know its only the reflection of the flash.

    Your plants look a bit a leggy, might want to think about increasing the amount of light on future grows.
  4. About 6 " above the plant is a 150 w HPS and just 3" to the side of that light is another 150W HPS

    Also about 12" to the side is 2 75 Watt HPS lights.

    All the leafs on the plant are getting direct HPS.
    It shot up about 12" now in 2 days.
    I did transplant it to a larger pot about 2 weeks ago..It went from a 3 Gallon to a 5 gallon pot.

    I have plucked some of the PODS and am treating them as a clone/seed. washed them in a root growth compound and placed them between wet tissues, just in case they sprout.
    I will take another shot tomorrow.

    It is starting to sprout bud sites all over the plant.

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