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  1. I haven't really seen this stuff mentioned in threads and I have fell in love with this products line, everyone I have used is great. They have a local shop here in where they have an amazing tea made in the vortex brewer using only their products then they give away to customers. I really like the liquid kelp and storch oil. Just wanted to pass along a good quality product line to you all. The website is still under construction somewhat

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  2. Whatever the extraction process may be, some vital organic compounds are lost during extraction to the liquid form, so using plain ol' kelp meal simply makes more sense to me - plus, being able to mix the kelp directly into your soil is the real benefit over liquids. This also allows recycling of the soil as most of the kelp hasn't gone anywhere

    Most organic gardeners around here got sick of buying bottle after bottle of this or that, which is why you won't see much mention of anyone's nutrient line - I haven't needed to go into a hydro store in years, with the exception of a trip last year to get some new bulbs and new trimming scissors.

    But - welcome to the organics forum! You'll find nice folks and great gardening conversation happens here.


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