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  1. I'm a uni second year software student. At this point I feel I'm a novice programmer. Some of the assignments for programming we're given here almost kill me with their complexity .

    So, whenever I'm stuck at some point. I smoke a j or two. It really sets my creative juices flowing! I get past the problem in minutes! Does something like this happen to other people out there?

    (P.S. I just smoked one to make up the courage to write my first grasscity post!
    Be kind!)

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  2. That's how I solve half my code related problems. Got a run-time bug that's impossible to fix? Get ripped and hop in the shower and just not think about it. Then it'll just spring into my thoughts without even having to think it out. "Oh yeah, that one library is casting that pointer something else..."

    Getting started while I'm in space is impossible though, way too easy to get sidetracked
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