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  1. So I only have basic computer skills.. and I'm honestly not all that interested in learning anything hardcore, but I'd like to create a program where I have about 100 photos in 2 different groups. For the program, it would display 16 photos in a grid.. pulling 1 photo from group A and 15 from group B. You'd then have to find and click on the photo from group A and when you do, it pulls a new selection of 16 (1/15) photos and keeps doing that every time you find the group A photo. Clicking on a group B would have no effect and I would want it to be random. Random pulling from the groups and random placing on the grid.

    What would I need to look at to make a program like this? I'd be willing to learn enough to do this, but if its too involved maybe I'll ask around.
  2. I think you'd get better feedback on there's a lot of great programmers on there giving advice.
    Maybe this could steer you in the right direction, it's in Python

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    No need to go to stack overflow they'll just tell you to learn how to program lol.
    Go take this free online intro to programming course from Stanford:
    This is definitely a simple program that could be written as a fun project for a new programmer.
    I'm not the greatest, best I've done yet is making the basics of a 3d click to move game like league of legends, but I can definitely help you every step of the way on this project. Feel free to ask more questions after you've at least learned how to use the code libraries shown in the class. I bet you'll be using a few GOvals lmao. The instructor in that class says GOval like 9 million times it's so silly. GRect is probably what you're going to go for now that I think about it, GOval was pounded into my head so hard though lol...
    Btw, using the libraries shown in the class is not the only way to achieve these things. There's also Java2D and SDL and probably other libraries that do this stuff. Just thought you should know there's more than one way, it shouldn't matter much to you unless you really get into programming.
    Your idea reminds me of when I wrote a little program to practice addition to get better at timing items in quake. Are you trying to get better at picking things out of a crowd? Try the games at I bet they have one designed to help you in just the way you are thinking.
  4. Yeah that's true lol. But I find that looking in the old questions on there gives me a little bit more advancement, mainly when I want to do something that isn't really covered in the documentation.
  5. Yeah I liked reading that snippet you posted lol. I learned about os and paths and stuff, shit I usually don't mess with lol.
    You could do this using Python, Perl, PHP, or several other scripting languages; you would have to learn something about HTML but most of the work you describe could be done in the scripting languages.   It's NOT trivial, but it's not terribly hard.  You'll find once you get one working, you can clone it and make minor mods to do other stuff.    Yeah, it's a little like growing weed!!!!  
    I wrote something like this about 10 years ago.. I used PHP, and then re-wrote it in Perl.  Most all of the versions of things have been upgraded a lot since then, or I'd try to find the code .  I'm not sure it would work anymore. 
    Good luck with this.  
  7. side note: im currently taking a java course and loving it, what course path do you think would lead be to able to find a job coding the fastest? in regards to learning all there is to java, focusing on programming for android, picking up C++ asap, learning Python on side etc. 
    I would consider something like Perl or Python ... basically, get a scripting language under you belt.   Those two run on just about every platform.  Java is good, but a little overkill for any app that is easily done in a scripting language.  I've used Perl for everything from websites construction to sysadmin functions.... 
    My $0.02 
    Others will have vastly different opinions.   My  opinion is based on 30 + years of experience with COBOL in the beginning, to Fortran, C, Java ... as well as HTML, Perl, PHP and Korn shell.  Other folks mileage will vary vastly. 

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