Profound Spiritual Effects of Psychoactive Substances

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    1. Bullet 2 is the important part, If you want to know why jump to bullet 3. Thank you.
    2. I would really appreciate it if anyone who has had any sort of spiritual experience on psychoactive material (marijuana, peyote, LSD, Psilocybin Mushrooms, DMT, Hawaiian Baby Rose Wood, etc.) would write a brief (or extensive) summery of their experience for me to use as a sort of case study (or evidence) for my paper. I would be interested in knowing any sort of spiritual practice you may undertake, such as meditating while high, in as much detail as you would like to give. Or of any profound realizations or experience you may have gone through while on a substance. Thank you.
    3. I'm an anthropology major and when I graduate I plan to study the effects of psychoactive plants, specifically psychedelics, on the spirituality and culture of native and non-native groups. Unfortunately my English credit from my previous institution did not transfer to my current one and I am stuck taking intro level English with a bunch of freshman and I really boring super conservative teacher. As with all intro English classes you have to write some sort of massive essay by the end of the semester. I thought it would be fun, and help my knowledge of my chosen field, to do an essay specifically on what I plan to do after I graduate a few years from now. I would appreciate anything anyone may like to contribute out of their own personal experience. Thank you very much.
    P.S. I will post this paper online once it has been completed for anyone who would like to read it.

    J.T. Murdock
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    This is from a response to a thread I posted quite a while back.

    edit: I'd be happy to elborate for you, but I'm quite busy so it might take a while for me to get around to it. But if it is of any assistance to your project, like I said, I'd be glad to help
  3. That's cool. I have a TON of them documented on this forum. I will try to post some later.

    I would be glad to hear your findings!
  4. I plan to post the paper online for free in multiple places after completion. Anything you can offer would be greatly appreciated. :)
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    Ate mushrooms a couple times in tea form. As soon as I was done the mug, I noticed brighter lights and euphoria. I also realized a slight stomach discomfort. I went to the car to listen to music with my girlfriend and it hit me. Balance wise it was like I was hammered drunk, mentally I was high as a kite. I sat in my seat, my body felt like jello and was heavy. My hands and feet looked different and my girlfriend did too. Almost like I was in some kind of dream. I notice pulsing on the garage door in front of me, like it was made of water. I then closed my eyes and all i saw was a million faces. Every little color you see when you close your eyes was a face. Music felt like it was in my head. I began thinking about god and my life. Deep reflective thoughts about the journey of my life I had so far and what awaited me in the future. I had seen people that I had forgotten about and it made me sad that I may never see some of these people I shared my life with even if it was only a short time. It was epic, but it was also strangly blissfull. I could have stayed in that trance all night. The third or fourth song ended and I snapped out of it. Got out and could barely walk. I felt alone, and the journey back inside seemed intense but It was only a few feet and two doors to open. That was the beginning and i can't remember much else.

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