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profile question

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stoned_soldier, Mar 21, 2004.

  1. how come when you click on someone's profile the majority of them have no bio or interests... i can't even change mine... is it something that was tried before in the early days of this forum and was cancelled cuz i know at least digit has one
  2. haha yeah fo real y cant i put in my bio.... this blows :D
  3. ya dude i was just thinkign that.

    is it something that you can put in when you first register ..i never remember being able to. indiana toker? hempress? nubbin? get any answers?
  4. It's a glitch in the board..When we get the new board, every thing should work again..

  5. do you happen to know when that is>
  6. (Crossed fingers) Add quick reply, add quick reply...
  7. SJ says he is waiting till all the bugs are worked out..

    It may be a short time.. It should be worth the wait!
  8. I don't think so..All post and replies will be transfered to the new board.

    The only thing we will loose, is the things that don't work with this board..

    Hopefully, the new board will have some better and new options..
  9. do these glitches have anything to do with me not being able to see any of my old pictures that ive posted and the inability to display a personal avatar?
  10. i cant see your avatar or anyone elses that are not from this board
  11. It could be but I can't say for sure..

    Alot of us used to not be able to change our location or other things in the profile.. I can't say that this would be your problem or not...
  12. its weird the only place i found pictures was in my old journals. 3 post display my avatar, and a couple of pages display pictures. i did switch up computers today, still i dont see why i cant do anything here anymore, never had any problems.
  13. If you didn't have problems before swapping computers, I'd say you still have computer glitches on your end..

    The site wouldn't change any thing just because you have a new computer...

    maybe you can get it solved!
  14. yeah its gotta be something that i dont have sorted out, its prolly some firewall setting but i still dont understand why i cant see your avatar.
  15. whatever it is, its jus gonna have to wait till tomorrow, crashing for now later all :)
  16. I know what you mean.. I have to hit the bed as well!

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