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  1. Sooo, I'm new to this site, and it seems like nobody has profile pics of themselves? Am I in the wrong? Is it a violation of some rule? Or do people just not wanna show there face?
  2. It is permissable, but some may not desire the security comprimise, especially growers or those wanting to stay out of potential employers radars. Others may simply want to express themselves in other ways. :smoke:
  3. Boom.
  4. No F-ing way I'd put my picture anywhere on the internet...FB included.....
  5. of course you can do that. its pretty obvious why hardly any of us do though. 
  6. Thats me in my profile pic , but that's when i was a lil kid aha
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    <-- Me.
  8. I wish we could put animated profile pics.
  9. Is there really that much demand for it ?
  10. i still vote aginst animated pics they always seem to slow down load times i prefer static images
  11. im almost positive ive seen animated profile pics on here, in the depths of the city from years and years ago
  12. Seconded. completely unnecessary :bongin:
  13. I guess I'd also be against it if it does slow the page down..
  14. The reason we disabled them is the slowness animated avatars are causing. 

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