1. Dudes!
    How can I upload a profile picture via the mobile app on my iPhone ?
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    Wish I knew... I'm new. I'm trying to figure out the same thing.
  3. I'm new can't seem to figure it out either (and I only access this from my phone).
  4. Also on my iPhone and want to know how to put up a profile pic! Argh.

  5. After you participate a certain number of times it somehow lets you I think?!
  6. Naw your on the mobile? I have a droid ultra but this is how you do it on mine

    1. Click the top left button till it bring the menu up

    2., at the top there should be. a little pic of a guy, click it this brings you to ur profile

    3. Click the blank gray box and choose your pic!

    Questions just ask

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  7. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1397685846.338906.jpg i don't see that

  8. Nvm. It let me. Thanks.

  9. omg cant find it , someone help !

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  10. If you have the app just click the button with three lines at the top right, click members, and then select your name followed by the empty picture slot. Something should pop up to guide you through the rest!

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  11. It never had anything pop up to guide me through the rest 😣 newbie issues.. lol

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  12. Having issues myself not sure what I am doing wrong. In the user profile... Can't edit nothing yet I am logged in. Strange!!!
  13. Can anyone help? Same as above... On Mobil and when I click the guy (gray and white pic on profile) it doesn't do anything.

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  14. No one?

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