Professors/teachers who make easy classes difficult...

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    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 14, 2014 really aggravating.
    I have one online class where you post on the discussion board and you're supposed to discuss with other people.  The assignments are short and to the point.
    This other class I'm taking is freakin ridiculous.
    We need to watch a movie every week as well as read like 50 pages.  Then we're to write a 2 page essay and post on the discussion board.  Then the professor will cry about how we need to do interacting with each other like we need to be thinking about this stupid class all the time.
    The problem with the movies are that I have to rent these movies every week and most of them are from the 50's and just awful movies, close to 3 hours long.
    I think I can understand 100 Politics with just the readings but he makes us watch these pathetic 3 hour movies so we can connect them to the readings.
    Last essay I got a D because I couldn't even bear to watch the full movie and had no desire in writing a 2+ page paper on it.
    I have 400 history courses that we read 50 pages and meet to discuss them twice a wekk.  these online professors are idiots.
    I can't believe I'm stuck watching another dumbass 3 hour long movie.  If you want to know what movie I'm watching...Richard III from 1955.  

  2. My teAchers in hs always made a point of saying the classes were difficult and it was so annoying.. Like damn I know once is enough now I get it lol

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  3. Damn all that for a 100 level course? Wtf

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  4. Not in college, but senior in high school, and my pre-calculus teacher seems to do every possible thing she can to do as little as possible in terms of grading and teaching. At the beginning of the period she runs through 1 problem from each key point of the lesson at light speed then makes you do homework. That's not the worst part though: the worst part is that on the homework itself she only actually grades about 2 or 3 problems usually, and your grade for that assignment is based entirely on those problems. I could do a perfect job on every problem but the few she grades and I'll get an F or D or some shit just because she's too lazy to do her job. Shit's frustrating.
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    I had this teacher in HS freshman year that gave 21/24 kids Fs all year even if it was a 100% perfect paper. He graded on behavior an not knowledge. Well i was Mr. Talkative so as u can guess i failed it re took it sophmore year with different teacher an had a B+ all year.
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    I've taken 6 online classes, including the 2 this semester, none of them were anything close to this.  I thought the guy last semester sucked when we were one essay every week but he didn't make us do any discussion board.  He also didn't force us to watch 3 hour bullshit videos, just read the chapter and write the essay.  The discussion board is basically an extra essay and the assignment is only open from Monday to Friday.  Shit is a joke...glad you guys understand too.
  7. My English professor use to give us four page papers to write every week, on top of that we had to read 100 pages a week, do a three page prompt with essay style questions, and a grammar worksheet. He was a great teacher, though. I learned a lot of shit in his class. Use to pick next time.

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    Well English class that's pretty much expected, especially in an upper-level class.  Otherwise there's no point.
    Most of this teachers ratings were from upper level classes so it was hard to tell.  He also had a lot of good ratings for them....Just noticed overall easiness 1.5  Definitely wish I took another class than have to deal with this jackass making us rent awful 3 hour movies from 60 years ago just to kill our time.
     Here's a review I found that was posted 2 weeks ago:
    "Papers? More like novels""Tough Grader""Get ready to read"
    "I have been in this class for not even 2 weeks and I already think its terrible. He is a very very very very tough grader. And he wont go easy on you just because you are a freshman like the other professors do. He just expects you to just know and understand everything. Assignments are boring. Movies are just old and a waste of time. DONT TAKE IT" 
    \nI have to agree with this guy...but my essays have been getting pretty good grades just extremely time consuming.  Last week I got a D but it was probably obvious I didn't put much effort in.  I'd say he could've been generous with a C for me.  Might be the worst class of all-time.  Would've rather taken a math class.
  9. I had a professor that would GO OUT OF HIS WAY to find ANYTHING wrong with your papers. Absolutely nobody had a perfect 100 in his class, and I was one out of only 4 students to pass his course with an 85 or above.
    He was a pain in my ass, and he even made me consider dropping out of college at one point. As a perfectionist that prides himself in being thorough, every blot of red ink was a stab to my already fragile ego. Every time I got a C or lower on an assignment, it was a gunshot. I can understand misplaced or missing punctuation and things of that nature, but "not enough quotes"? Fucking SERIOUSLY, guy? I stayed up until 3 a.m. working my ass off to include enough mundane and irrelevant details just to try and satisfy you, and you mark off for THAT?
    There were nights when I cried myself to sleep because of that asshole. Hope they kicked his ass out.
  10. Is that a troll post?  Cried yourself to sleep because of him?  LOL c'mon..
    Really amazing how extreme this guy can be compared to so many other classes.  This guy just has to be a pain in the ass.  Having to watch these stupid movies is aggravating.
    I also had another professor that would say things just to confuse us.  I knew a lot of the material already but I felt bad for these kids who were so lost in his class.  I knew so many ways he could have said things that people would understand but he just really wanted to make it more difficult for people to learn.

    My biggest problem with this class is the long and drawn out movies every week.  This is no doubt the worst class I've ever taken and that's sad because it's something I'm interested in..just not these silly movies.
  11. When you leave school you'll realise how easy everything you had to do there was
  12. you mad bro?

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  13. Na. Pretty content in the fact that I know a lot more than you
  14. Well your pretty fucking bad ass

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  15. My math class is like that.... Completely outrageous.... First semester in college.
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    Yep my weight lifting teacher in High School, he made us fill out these cards for our workouts, only problem is, it took like 20 minutes just to fill out the card(we had to fill out after every workout because he goes around and checks them, which is how we got graded), and we only had an hour to workout, and he wondered why none of us ever finished our workouts.
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  18. Yep, this is the main reason why I am so fucking glad I am done doing this shit in December. Totally burned out and just crawling to the finish line to graduate. I am finishing though :)
  19. A lot of college professors are like this. Very hard graders and picky, but then again that is their craft I supposed. I rarely got A's on papers myself.
  20. Ha, if you were to take a math class, take statistics. Easiest A I got in math ever.

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