Professors required reading - bin laden a freedom fighter

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  2. Not that I condone any of his actions or terrorism but have you ever heard of blowback? You can't just go meddling in the world's business and letting terrorists like the CIA and FBI run roughshod over sovereign countries and expect peace in return. One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.
  3. I like the term neocolonial.
  4. Kind of shows how today's society is based on the roots of a previously fucked up society.
  5. This guy doesn't sound as bad as that former Univ. of Colorado Boulder professor, Ward Churchill, who referred to victims of the 9/11 WTC attack as "Little Eichmanns".
  6. sounds like an interesting POV on what would probably be a boring class.
    Neocolonial is a real term used in international relations. It basically means colonisation through global econmic power. For example, the Chinese are currently taking certain parts of Africa in a neocolonial manner.
    Also, I don't understand how anyone is shocked by this. Most historiographical books about bin laden that you'll find in IR or pol sci will first refer to him as a freedom fighter, because that's what he was. The whole point of studying pol sci/IR is move the discussion beyond "this guy is a terrorist, because the gov says so."
  8. Ya know I have seen shows/movies where they will have some sort of oppressive empire and then the freedom fighters. And you have the empire people refer to the rebels as freedom fighters as they themselves recognize the fact they they are hurting and oppressing people. But in real life those freedom fighters arnt called freedom fighters by the people they are fighting against. They are called terrorists in the real world. Governments dont ever wants to see something from another's perspective and even if they do and recognize that they are in the wrong they dont want the populace to start think so as well. Osama will never be a freedom fighter in America.
  9. Good for him. Our kids need to learn that american imperialism us the primary cause of terrorist attacks on the usa.

    Not this "they hate our freedom" garbage.

    I still cant believe how stupid the american public was to believe that trash.

    Bkowback is a fucking real thing. You kill peoples kids. They gonna be mad

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  10. Saudi Arabia advocated rape. I hate the US but seriously... Al-Qaeda is nothing but a bunch of terrorists and cannibals. 
  11. Cannibals? Really? C'mon bro dont get carried away.
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    (☉_☉) OMG!!!! Im sorry @[member="iNeedPot"] Someone needs to tell this guy he's getting a little too carried away. Ill call the NSA for his number.
  14. @[member="Nerd139"] lol
  15. Next thing you're telling me that he was a human being with a family and loved ones. What liberal tripe.
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    This is only proof that at least one of them is willing to bite out of a human heart to put fear into people. Its not logically sound to call them all cannibals after this unless you saw all of them eat hearts. 
    This reminds of me Underworld. 
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     They take credit for shit they didn't do, because they want to be feared. They're nothing but another proxy-militants serving US interests. 
  18. Bin Laden and his supporters hate western ideology. They also hate anyone who doesn't align with their faith. They want all Americans dead.
    You say it's only towards America, but that's not true. They are against anyone who isn't a Sunni Muslim that prescribes to Sharia Law. They kill their own countrymen for not sharing their belief. If you doubt it, read up on the bombing they committ in their own country against the citizens (not military).
    Of course, you really wouldn't know this for a fact unless you have been to Iraq or Afghanistan and dealt with the people first hand... anything else is only what you're being told.
  19. US Intervention in the Middle East goes back to 1918
    Osama bin Laden gave three reasons for 9/11:
    - The brutal sanctions by the US against Iraq after the Gulf War. It is estimated that they were responsible for killing around 500,000 people, many were women and children. The Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, said publicly that "they were worth it."
    - The US military occupation of Muslim holy lands in Saudia Arabia after the Gulf War
    - The US's blind support of Israel and its expansionist policy
    Hmm, ya think this stuff might have pissed a few people off?
    God forbid anyone do anything resembling any of this to the US. I was a kid during the 1961 Cuban Missile Crisis, and Washington had the whole world put on hold over a few fucking Soviet missiles in Cuba.
    How many missiles has Washington put right next door to Russia since the end of the Cold War? I don't know the answer but I think they have pretty much ringed them as much as is possible. But THAT'S okay.
    Aha, the arrogance, hypocrisy, and hubris of Empire.

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