Professional Growers, Whats Your Opinion On This?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by LemmeLickYoAss, Jan 28, 2010.

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    What's everyone's thought on this?

    I'm looking to grow a decent amount of plants outdoors, but my spot can probably only fit 5 grow bags so I was thinking about putting 3 plants per grow bag?

    Will this hinder results, such as yield? Are there any down sides to this?

    Sorry guys, I forgot to add:

    I will be growing Auto Flowering strains, so these plants were talking about aren't going to be huge plants.

    And as for grow bag size, I was thinking maybe 5 - 10 gallon grow bags.
  2. Dont know too much about autos, other then they dont do well outdoors........ Never put multiples in 1 grow area unless you are planing to transplant shortly after sprouting.

    Basic idea with autos is to grow indoors under 20 to 24 hours of light a day.... the purpose is ruined with natural light cycles. (meaning 10-15 hours of light a day is NOT THE RECOMENDATION)
  3. I've seen beast Auto Flower plants that were grown outdoors.
  4. Wow, appreciate all the help.
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    Since there is no talk of selling here at GC, there must not be any "professional growers" here either. You mean "experienced", right? ;)

    Why not plant them in the ground?
  6. I would not put them into one grow bag. The reason being: if they out grow their allotted area, you will not be able to transplant due to the fact that the roots can become entangled. You would get a much better yield, and less hassle down the road, to just put them in their own separate plots.
  7. So you wouldn't recommend growing 3 plants in 1 gro bag
  8. NO! Marijuana needs ROOT SPACE! Why invest in so much stuff when all you need is a seed, some wet paper towels, and dixie cups? Plant your seeds in dixie cups, transplant straight to the soil. If there is one thing I have learned over the years, its that the more root space your individual plant has, the bigger the plant will be, and the better the yeild. You mentioned your auo-flowering plants. They won't be big, so space them out. One here, one there. The wider the space, the better the chances of getting more plants to harvest outside. the real question is: how secure is your planned planting area?

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