Professional Growers, Whats Your Opinion On This?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by LemmeLickYoAss, Jan 28, 2010.

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    What's everyone's thought on this?

    I'm looking to grow a decent amount of plants outdoors, but my spot can probably only fit 5 grow bags so I was thinking about putting 3 plants per grow bag?

    Will this hinder results, such as yield? Are there any down sides to this?

    Sorry guys, I forgot to add:

    I will be growing Auto Flowering strains, so these plants were talking about aren't going to be huge plants.

    And as for grow bag size, I was thinking maybe 5 - 10 gallon grow bags.
  2. well for one, how big are your grow bags. if they are outdoors they should be 20 gallons and if that's the case you would probably be able to do what you want, however, in some species, root tangling can help everything but in getting big results it might hinder you.
  3. In all do respect, I don't think you understood me.

    I'm not growing all 15 plants in the same 5 - 10 gallon grow bag, I was considering getting 5 grow bags that were around 5 - 10 gallons each and planting 3 in each grow bag. ;)
  4. I think Patrio understood you perfectly....listen to his answer! He was saying why not just buy a few more bags and plant each plant in its own bag. Putting more than one plant in any type of container isn't a good choice. And he was referring to breaking the plants up into smaller groups instead of all 15 in one central location. Much harder to spot if they are in groups of 2-3 than all 15 in one location.
  5. that would simply be a poor choice. If you have each plant in its own 3-5 gallon grow bag, you'll do just fine with autoflowers. You shouldn't plant two (or more) plants in the same container. The issue comes from the roots battling for space and nutrients/water, causing one of the plants to outgrow the other plant(s) in the container and, effectively, choke out the other(s) for space and food.

    You're NEVER going to get the same quality/quantity out of 3 plants/pot than 1plant/pot. Besides, you're not really respecting the plant giving it a crowded dormroom in which it is supposed grow and thrive.
  6. This grow bag nonsence is wasted money. If your looking to grow outside, then don't be lazy and spend money where you could get better results just putting your back to it! Dig a hole. The size of the hole depends on how good your natural soil is. If you live in a clay dirt place, then dig a 10 inch cube of dirt out. Save this dirt in a pile! Get yourself some potting soil. Doesn't have to be anything fancy. Mix the potting soil with your native dirt. Your looking for a rich mix with good drainage. Maybe a LITTLE sand would help you in clayish dirt. Once you got a good mix, grab up a handful. Make it like a snowball. It should hold together. Then push your finger through the middle. It should crumble, not stick together in a big clump with a finger hole in the middle. But it shouldn't fall apart completely because you will lose too much water in the hot summer. Put your plants one to each hole, 3-5 each plot! Space your plots out as wide as you can. anyways man hope this helps and makes secne. It should cause I only just started drinking. Be careful out there.
  7. also if ya use 10 gal grow bags(no such thing) garbage bag? And if planted in ground it takes ALOT less hand watering. and believe me unless its in ur back yard its a complete pain in ass to water every 3 days not to mention path u create going directly to ur crop rippers pigs have betr chance harveting your girls b4 u! grow bags outdoors also cook the roots so better using white 10 gal grow bags(garbage bag?) use the soil instead of in bag use to amend(add to) native ground soil. plants wont stick out so much when growing naturally in ground. good luck either way

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