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  1. Hello I write from a beautiful country on the fat part of the sphere. I have a PhD in Chemistry. I've smoked pot all of my life. In retirement now, out of many years of scientific research. Will grow for the first time.

    1. Genetics

    I ordered from attitude, waiting for my seeds inside of a t-shirt.

    Nirvana Seeds Bubblelicious Autoflowering Feminized

    Barneys Farm LSD Feminized

    Lowryder Easy Ryder AKA Lowryder #2 x AK47

    UFO#1 Dinafem Seeds Sweet Deep Grapefruit

    UFO#2 Dinafem Seeds California Hash Plant

    UFO#3 Dinafem Seeds Royal Haze

    2. Lightning

    Thinking of 6 to 9 plants. Tomorrow will make the buy. Thinking 600 - 1000 Watts. What you guys think? Hoppefuly will find HID if not MH for veg and HPS for bloom. I have also created a led grow lamp out of three red and one blue high powered leds, as an enhancer.

    3. Room

    It used to be a room for a heating system. About 2 x 1.5 meters surface, BUT ceiling is a diagonal starting from 50cm in the back of the room to 1.5mts at the door. Pots will be set on the back. SCROG will be installed along all of the diagonal ceiling hoping growth will follow the diagonal up. Lights might even have to be pointed from down to up at an angle at times. Hope you get the image, will upload photos as soon as I start working on it.
    It has a perfect air exhaust pipe that goes out to a garden in the middle of nowere. About 5" diameter will fit a vent sucking air out, another one fitted on the door that seals the closet, injecting air. Extra industrial grade rotating vent as an exerciser.

    Will make all the drills needed in the room. Will vaccum clean properly. Will soak with chlorine. Will lock it with house garden grade insecticide for a few hours. Will light coat it with white reflective white paint. Will screw on the 3/4 inch net , painted white, five inches away from concrete.

    Room is extremely humid and fresh almost cold. Wouls make a good celar.

    4. Hydro Set

    Will find a big 30 gal tough plastic material as a reservoir, I'm thinking probably one of those huge tool boxes in the back of trucks. Will cruise the home depot things tomorrow.
    Something with an attachabble lid to it, hoppefully with anchors. Will cut circular holes on the lid, 2, 2, 2 or 3 , 3, 3 depending on what I find, an extra one for refills ph checks etc, sealable. Pots will fit tightly, what people call the netpots. I'm thinking of using large alluminium cups like milkshake ones, and will drill fat holes all around and under them. Recommends on that, probably flexible is better, probably pvc, thank you. Netpots will be filled with a mixture of hydroton and flushed cocounut fiber and vulcan rocks to help the root nesting's strength at the base. Water level will be barely touching the bottom of the pots. Dripping system or water pump will be used until roots reach the water down the pots. Fish tank airpumps will be making bubbles and more bubbles all the time.

    5. Nuts

    Will try to be as chemically sound as possible. Dont care for experiments but exactitude. Will let the babies do thei sexy thing on their own, nothing fancy. Will follow the PH-Elements table to keep it @ 5.8. The nutz I can get here at the only hydro shop in town is veg and bloom, will tell you more about them once I get them. Adds on this please, boosters etc. Do have ph up and down solutions. Will only used bottled water or rain water, previously ph'ed.

    6. Electronics

    Digital Timer. No breaker. PH meter. Temp for res and room. Recommends please!!!

    7. The Plan

    Will start with the 5 autoflowering bubblegums and the autoflowering california hash a total of six. Will put the seeds in soaked cocounut fiber 1cm deep in the netpots. Dripping system or pump keeping the soak. Will cover pots with foam paper circular covers to help keep the moist in and the light out and off the hydroton. Nutes exponentially rising from none to full power when..
    Two weeks later 12/12 change of lights and nutes.
    Two weeks later harvest.
    Two weeks later hopefully 10 ounces that's the first go goal.

    Thanks everyone will upload pictures and more data tomorrow.


    Dr. D. Flora
  2. Welcome to GC:wave::smoke:

    Sounds like you're ready to "grow pro" the first time, wishing you success:D
  3. Thank you mister you are my first poster ever. Hopefully we'll smoke a j out of this soon. R + R
  4. Welcome, I agree with cowboy. Good luck even though it looks like you're already set. :smoking:
  5. Thank you very much indeed.

    I went shopping.

    I have a 1000W HID MH metals for grow. 400W HID HPS for Bloom.

    Big note on that one: Balister have a CLASS: 180 Centigrades. !!! If temperature its gonna be an issue I rather save myself the trouble and run a long wired system to get those things outta the grow room.

    Please comment on how many plants you recommend for the mentioned setting.

    I also found a 64W GE Plant Light that curiosly enough has a marijuana leaf on the package. Its got a blue paint film, that actually makes sense since plants do use that wavelength. I might give it a go.

    I'm working on finding Power LED's with the appropiate exact wavelenght very close to 700nm if anyone knows were will be appretiated.

    Im also getting 240W of aquarium lights for seed germination and other uses.

    I made myself a kind of a trolley with less than ten bucks, pretty industrial grade, will help as the moving base of the reserve for practicity.

    Still waiting on the seeds, I got a weird message from someone at attitude asking me to reply ASAP to confirm my order, is this normal? I did so of course.

    Waiting on your replies thanks 4 the interest.

    Dr D Flora

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