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    Alright, so i was wondering if anyone here actually has a production license for growing marijuana?
    I've been trying to find some information about it, but didn't seem to have any luck. All i could find out was that one way of possibly getting one would be threw someone who had medical marijuana card so that you could grow for their consumption only, and also that if that were the case you could only grow for 1 person (possibly 2 now, due to some newer changes in the laws).
    I don't truely know if all or any of that is correct, but I'm really curious about the topic.

    So, if you or someone you know has a production license for growing marijuana i would love to know how you managed to obtain set license and any additional information you have on the subject.

    And please, no comments like who cares grow without it, because I'm not asking about it to grow but simply asking for future knowledge. Thanks.

    EDIT: I live in Canada, B.C. (if you have information for a specific area).
  2. Assuming that your in the U.S., and that your in a state that has medical marijuana. I would recommend doing a lookup in your state regarding MMJ. In my state, if you have a MMJ card, you can grow for your own use, or you can designate somebody to be your caregiver. When you designate someone, then they can grow for you. Remember that MMJ is only 'allowed' as a state law, it is still against federal law.

    Good Luck!
  3. Thank you for your information and the good luck, but i guess i should have mentioned i live in Canada, B.C (woo BC Bud! :p). But, so far the information you have given is all that I've been able to find.
  4. Thank you very much, this site was very helpful! +rep

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