Productive Things you've done high?

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  1. Hey guys,

    just wondering if there's anything you'd like to share about productive things you've done high.

    A lot of people say being stoned makes you lazy and un-coordinated, but some say otherwise.

    I'll start:

    " I learned to love my family more by spending more time with them. Not all of them are drunken fools and have mediocre careers but deep individuals themselves who adore spending time with one another.


    I've listened to and really understood the magic of music while high. Opened my horizons to a universe of tunes I would have never came across of in my regular course of life. "

    More factual stuff can be included too,
    e.g. "I cleaned my room and studied for my final while high!"

  2. I've never done anything productive and now that i'm in college i've realized that. I thought I could balance my work with my hobby of toking up and i've found I am just completely unmotivated to do anything much less read 80 pages out of a text book.

    So my smoking has slowed down considerably. I have made many good friends from smoking though if thats considered productive.

    Also having to walk to find a place to smoke; Excersize and weed do go together.:smoke: But thats about as far as it goes for me.
  3. Gunna gather all my things to sell on ebay soon. Im just too stoned and lazy right now haha
  4. i brushed my teeth last night

    im tottally productive
  5. Mine isnt really productive but its out of the ordinary.

    My friend brought a canoe to hold two people and we tied abunch of single-men tubes to it. We brought our "boat" down to the river, and smoked there. I had like 3 or 4 joints already rolled, and my friend brought the piece so it wasnt hard getting everything prepared. The river doesnt flow fast at all so it was chill.

    NAture is amazing. Expecially when you are enjoying it floating down a river sonted :)
  6. I love doing homework high on a nice sativa. Some people say they are too lazy to do homework and that it's boring. For me, it's so much god damn fun. I'll be sitting there working on some calculus and just be like "Damn, I'm kickin' this problems ass!" lol.
  7. i make beats, produce full songs totally stoned...since i can make money off my music id call tht productive...
  8. written songs, and recorded, came out sounding amazing.
  9. Shits

    Music is my number one hobby while high, I recently just ordererd a lamb skin drum set for festivals. Drawing is another big one up there along with cleaning my room, it actully is fun hahahahah. :rolleyes: Cooking while high, cleaning up my car, take my two new rottweilers for a walk, hang out with my girlfriend? haahahahah, damn im high.
  10. the only time i find myself cleaning is when im high haha. these "people" you speak of just dont know. theres weed in fuckin south africa or some shit thats seriously like caffeine. they give it to the workers to be more efficient. completely depends on the strain too. sativa is more head and energetic high, and indica is more body, meant for healing purposes. person too i suppose haha.
  11. I have done a 3D visualization graphics for a big company on a project that they were bidding on, I charged them 10grand, they got the contract. I do cg and 3d graphics and work all the time while I am high. Sativas rule!! End of story...its like you go through the day in the nicest of moods, cuz you are like laughng at everyone in the background of your mind, cuz you are so high, if only they knew how nice you feel!:p:smoke:

    I don't think smoking too many indica dominant strains leads to producivity, more medicine I think, for sleeping, relaxation and rest.
  12. Practicing guitar, writing essays, reading, introspection and meta-cognition. All productive in my book.
  13. haha this one time I left the dishes in the sink for like 4 days straight and was really baked one night and decided to do them all.
  14. I write/edit films/videos while I'm high, usually for clients. Currently I'm wrapping up editing a music video. If I get too baked though, I find myself spending way too much time getting extremely meticulous with my edits.

  15. ...homework:smoke:
  16. i go to school, do hw, go to work, go lift and train high everyday. i think it was a matter of self control and controlling and molding my high.
  17. When I'm high I analyze and deconstruct arguments, and then once I see how they work I can apply them in my own life, particularly at work.

    On more than one occasion I've come out on top of a negotiation because I could decode what the opposing side was actually trying to get at by recognizing their underlying strategy(ies).

    I've actually had my boss hand me memos and just ask "Can you help me figure out what they really want?" if only she knew about my little helper :smoke:.
  18. Do you mean like figuring out the logical structure of arguments? That's a pretty damn useful skill, makes argumentation so much easier.

    I wrote a philosophy essay on free will whilst pretty blazed, and got a decent mark for it as well. Good times.
  19. I've made a lot of tasty meals high. When I'm high I find ways to justify taking the time to bake and prepare food. It just seems so worth my while at the time :D

    Good eatin'!
  20. It's not being lazy, it's realizing that nothing's worth the effort. :D

    But I have, my vocabulary's increased (weird eh?) I'm a good writer. Ahhh!
    Opened up my mind.
    I'm more chill, accepting, wiser.
    Good friends.
    I've learned how to point out things, reality.
    I can concentrate better.
    I'm a happier person.
    Not depressed.

    It's just 100% better, and the govt. is seriously corrupted!!!

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