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  1. Sometimes I hear a song and thing "how the fuck did they even make this? This is just too good". It's not very often but it happens. I think production value is what I pay most attention to so when I hear a song like that I really dig it.

    What are some songs that blow your mind in terms of production?

    Right now I'm stuck on

    [ame=]RATATAT - MANDY - YouTube[/ame]

    1:30 to the end of the song. It's just insane o_O. Sure, it's Ratatat and all their shit is well produced, but this stands out. Most intense parts start at 2:30. I can sit here and listen to it a few times back to back and keep hearing new shit
  2. Anything TV On The Radio have ever released. David Sitek is a fucking genius.
  3. M83 definitely deserves a mention. I'd love to hear M83 live but I forgot all about their stuff until today when one of their songs came on the radio =O..
  4. I'd say anything j.u.s.t.I.c.e league always sounds super well produced

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