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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by pjonline, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. Ok. Ive got a large tent 2mx2mx2m. I have a 16pot multiflow hydroponic system running in there. I have just germinated 20 Northern lights x Big bud.
    Im fairly new to growing probably been doing it about a year, im trying to establish a production line. Im yet to get into cloning etc....
    Ive seen guys on here talking about having two different areas for veg and flowering etc.. explain?
    Any advice or ideas?


  2. Take a female and put it in separate room and veg it 24/7. Do some research on cloning. Just keep doing that and you will never have to use seeds again.
  3. yeah man chek out some grow guides and search the forum. try prepetual harvest
  4. 24/7 Until it dies? Why will it die.....Swa-Swa ya need to do a lil' more growin yurself B4 ya start tellin' others what to do ....a Mother NEVER needs to die
    I have access to mothers from 6 months to 27 years old
  5. ok, so what enviroment and equipment do i need to veg a female?
    Im guessing you mean 18/6 light cycle ongoing?

    Sorry newbie!!!

  6. It was a typo. Something about you I don't like but whatever and its swa_swa smart guy.

  7. Swa_Swa ...I'm sorry that ya' don't "Like Me" :(
    and man com'on "until it dies" is a big typo.....OMG ...Dr. Bud is "Freakin' out again" .....LMAO :poke:Lighten up dude...this is all in fun
  8. Even if it wasn't who keeps a plant for 27 years? Sounds like you need a woman but anyway answer this guys question. Now because of you I'm afraid to help anyone :(
  9. Need a woman? MJ is the only lady I would keep around for 27 years...

  10. Warm apple pies all around.
  11. Dude don't be afraid to help someone with something you have done yourself.

    We "Keepers of the Flame" have been keeping "Trademarked" and "Landrace" varieties alive for decades so "Kids" like you can log onto "Dr.Chronic" and order seeds and grow good smoke the first time around.
    Hash Plant Pure
    Haze Pure
    Cali Orange
  12. I honestly don't care because unless your the one selling me the seeds it really doesn't matter...good try though.

  13. thank you so fucking much! I stopped reading when I read the above post because it was what I was going to say.. :smoke:
  14. Well Boyz.....
    I won't bother you with a explanation....all I will say is you have no idea "Who I really am" if you did you would feel like an ass. :)
    Arguing on the Net is pointless so C'Ya' :bongin::bolt:
  15. Something about him? Something?

    There's loads about him not to like; He can keep mothers alive for 27 years, grow stupidly large plants in unfeasibly small containers, and produce enough smoke to be self sufficient from 2 cornflake box sized cabs.

    Git! ;):D

    As if that's not enough to dislike him for; he can run the whole setup off a watch battery!



    *puts on ass-hat*

    You're a tree-huggin', ganja buddin', mountain roamin', build your own homein', dog keepin', snow sweepin', sledge ridin', slippy-slidin', bearskin wearin', knowledge sharin', clone choppin', online shoppin', SoG growin', experience showin', cereal box abuser.


    'Kin n00b! :D

    But soooo much fun! :D

  16. always you are so entertaining
    and ya' fergot' "Bear Hunter"
    Season opens soon.....freezer is lookin pretty empty :yummy:

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