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    I've been writing alot more than I used to and I find that I am growing exhausted of making my own beats. Everyone has their own style as a producer and while I enjoy rapping over something I have made with my two hands, I would love to branch out.

    That said, is there anyone here willing to do some sort of collaboration, you beat, me rap.

    I realize that I may need to entice you with some references. So here are a few links to my work.

    Band Camp

    Basically, school and work take up the majority of my week because I have a massive spending problem so I'm constantly broke and tired. But I decided, what the fuck, write more.

    However my Macbook isn't what it used to be and those long hours in front of the screen getting carried away on some hot ass beat *clap* are long past.

    So check me out. If you like, I like and I want YOU.

    Hyp out.

    Five blades.

    P.S. Don't forget to check the Misc. album on bandcamp for some randomosity
  2. If u want to spit on my beat, I'd be honored. I've never had some rap on my beat so please feel free to! Give me your e-mail address and I can send you the mp3 file. Listen to this beat and let me know if you want to work on it!

    [ame=]FL Studio 8 epic beat - YouTube[/ame]
  3. I like it, but it has way too much piano riff. It's choppy so that the feeling of it being repetitive comes along quickly.

    It's not really my steez. But if I'm feeling lucky one day, I'll contact you about it.

    Do you have any other work?

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