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    Starting a journal to chronical the life of the new babies and hopefully solicit some handy tips and advice from the more experienced among you. Hopefully they will live a long and happy life although they were born of wreckles behavior. I just planted some seeds on a whim to see if they would germinate in a certain medium without having their nursery ready. All 4 germinated. All 4 are supposed to be feminized for whatever that buys me. I've heard mixed reviews on fem seeds.

    I'm working on their new nursery this week. Hoping to have it ready by the weekend so that they can move in. Their new home will be 3x4x6 and will be sporting a 400w MH/HPS along with a 449cfm Vortex exhaust. Why do I feel like I'm writing about a car?

    Seeds were initially just placed in some of those little jiffy peat pods just to see what would happen. About 3 days after sprouting, I transferred them, pod and all to small containers with a mix of Foxfarm Ocean Forest and Light Warrior.

    The Family

    1 - Purple Morracan
    1- Yumbolt 47
    2- Tangerine Dream

    The Puple Morracan definitely got off to a head start. I lowered the T5's they're under to like 2 inches above the tops to try and keep them from stratching too much and put a little oscillating fan about a foot away just to give them a little breeze.

    Photos at 5 days old

  2. Family pics again (didn't realize I didn't need to host elsewhere). Let's see if this works.

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  3. Hey - what type of soil are they in? Also one very important tip is to invest in a good quality PH tester.
  4. It's a mixture of 2 parts FoxFarm Ocean Forest and 1 part FoxFarm Light Warrior. Do they look healthy so far? lol I saw that the PM had a second set of leaves this morning.
  5. Looking great man i'm subbed..
  6. Thanks! I LOVE the Skunky Monkey pic! Brought a huge smile to my face this morning.

  7. Haha thanks man :p
  8. Day 5

    Babies "seem" to be doing ok. It's really hard not to water them when I see the top of the soil pretty dry but if I stick my finger down into the soil an inch or two it seems pretty moist to me. Is there a rule of thumb here?

    The Purple Morraccan had gotten off to a head start but one of the Tangerine Dreams is starting to come along as well.

    I'm trying to keep the light as close as possible to the tops to prevent stretching and that seems to be working. The second set of leaves are starting to come out now. When do the stalks get thicker? They're standing up fine but they seem so thin. I read somewhere that the whole breeze thing is an urban legend and that it's actually sufficient light that thickens them up. Any truth to that?

    Also, I know it's early but when do I have to start worrying about topping them and doing other sick and twisted things to them to give them a big bush?

    Thanks for reading. Any advice is of course welcome..

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  9. Looking good man.
  10. Day 7

    I " think" they are looking ok. A little concerned about the little orangish spot on the Purple Morraccan but overall that plant seems to be doing the best so I won't jump off the roof or anything over it just yet.

    One of the Tangerine Dreams seems to be taking off now. Since that's the one I'm most looking forward to this makes me very happy! I don't know jack about the Purple Morraccan or the Yumbolt 47 as they were both freebies. I should really go look up a smoke report on those..

    I removed the T5's and put in the MH last night. Not sure about the height on this one so I'm playing it a bit safe until I know it's not going to burn them. I can place my hand under it just fine and I have air being pulled through the cool tube to keep the heat down but I'm still paranoid since they're just babies yet. I have to keep the air down pretty low since the bulb starts to shake when I have it up. I would think that would make the bulb break.

    Anyway, here's the current pics...






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  11. Day 8

    Finally starting to get the closet started so that these babies have a home to live in.. Been pretty ghetto so far. Hopefully this closet design will work. I guess time will tell.

    They seem to be doing fine under the metal halide. Still want to fine tune how close to them I get the light but I'm just going to wait until they move in to their new residence. No sense in doing twice since this will be a totally new setup for them. They're just pretty much in the middle of a room right now on a table.

    Here's the latest picks. Thanks for looking. :wave:

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  12. There coming along nicely :)
  13. Day 10 (I think, lol)

    Finally making some progress towards getting these babies a home. Not quite there yet but a lot of progress was made. I have pics of the progress on this thread ( ).

    I had to water tonight. I just couldn't take it any longer. lol I also misted them in hopes that it would clean off any dust that may have been stirred up during construction. I hope it's ok that I put them back under the lights after misting. I guess I'll know tomorrow.

    Here's the pics. I think all are doing ok although on of the dreams seems to be the runt of the litter. Let me know what you think. :wave:

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  14. There coming along nicely
  15. Thanks Skunky!

  16. Keep up with the updates, there looking awesome i cant wait to see how they turn out :smoking:
  17. Day 14

    Leaves are really starting to grow. Longer and wider anyway. I have a few individual leaves that have a few spots on them. Could be a magnesium deficiency?? I saw a chart anyway that showed the same type of yellow spots that said that. Only thing is, if that was the case shoudn't the whole plant be suffering??

    Other than that the only thing that I see if that one of the Tangering Dreams seems to be getting a little tall.

    Here's their pics.

    If you see anything that looks jacked up please let me know....


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  18. There looking a bit funky, are you using nutes ? if so you don't wanna use nutrients there way to small.
  19. Haven't added any nutes yet. I know there's a couple of funky leaves. Is there anything else beyond the yellow spots on the leaves that seem funky Skunky? Since these are my first, I don't really have anything to judge by. I'm also wondering when I should transplant them into bigger containers. These are like half gallon pots but I have some bigger ones ready to go.

    Thanks again man!

  20. No they look OK, they need a bigger pot though

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