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  1. Best place I could find to post this.
    I need some help muh fuggas!
    I seem to always find a way to get out of doing my school work even when I know it'll nite me in the ass later. What are some of the things you guys do to keep you focused on shit that needs to get done and prevent procrastination?
    And I know, getting off the computer is a start but.....fuuuuuck lol

  2. Try rewarding yourself and aversion therapy. Every time you realize you're not doing your homework when you're supposed to be, do something repulsive, like snap yourself with a rubber band. Then during and after, reward yourself with being able to mess around on the computer and whatnot. For during, you can get hard candy to suck on, which studies show can increase performance.
  3. Ah yeah, I was learning about that the other day in my psychology class, the rubber band snap. I might just have to try it. Idk I mean I would consider myself pretty disciplined when it comes to things, but school work always just doesnt get my attention lol. Thanks :)
  4. Drop out of school. Become one of the homeless stoners living on skid row. That will help you focus on an education.
  5. You just opened my eyes to the big picture, why havent I thought of this before!?
  6. I'm the worst with procrastinating. My first year of college every single one of my assignments or projects was done either late at night the night before class, or ten minutes before class started. Finished with a 3.3 gpa though.
  7. I make sure to take care of buisness before pleasure   :ey: ...................... I also medicate too  :bongin:
    Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.
  8. Lol yeah Im pretty much the same. Its funny, this quarter my classes usually give us a week or more to do an assignment, an easy ass assignment, so I always blow it till the day before its due, lol. Ive been doing better though, in the sense of doing it right as I get it to enjoy the rest of the week. Shit still gets me though, Im just like fuck I know I have to do it, but I just dont have that feeling like I HAVE to do it, if that makes sense lol
  9. Lay off the bud. Just get your work done then smoke.
  10. I don't smoke that much lol, like twice a week and only 2 hits or so from a pipe :O. hahah Im just a natual born lazy ass
  11. Just keep telling yourself that if you dont stop procrastinating you will be broke and on welfare

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