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  1. Anyone else always wait until the last day to write their essays? I hate it, but that's the way it always ends up happening. I have no idea how I'm gonna pull one out of my ass this time. Procrastination will be my downfall.
  2. I am too lazy to answer this now, I will come back and edit my answer later...
  3. Even if I prepare for things early it seems I typically cram all of the writing in at once. How much do you have left to write?
  4. I have an essay due next week. Probably won't get done til sunday night but I've been planning on doing it for a while lol
  5. I have only done the intro lol. It's an analytical essay in which I need to examine two flash fiction pieces and two short stories. The thing is though, it must focus on something other than plot. I've chosen to focus on characters. So it's not too complicated but I have no idea where to start. :/
  6. I hate writing. I would seriously rather just sit there and stare at the fucking wall.
  7. I procrastinate everything.
  8. if you procrastinate procastination does that mean you finish your work early.

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